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My Memorial Weekend

Hi Lovelies! I realized that there are some vac posts that I delayed forever and ended up not doing them. So bad ! >_< but then of course I am busy and then sometimes I have too many ideas for blog, sometimes I have no ideas.. I dunno! haha.. but I am gonna try to blog more updated posts when it comes to weekend/travel/vacay stuffs!!!  =D hope you’ll enjoy!

So for the memorial weekend, I basically ate a lot. it’s super bad because I just started “ my fitness pal” app thing, in attempt to try to get a few pounds off~ but of course totally failed over the weekend. I don’t even have to input my food diary because I know I got way over the limit!!!

There was first my friend’s birthday, which I didn’t really take pictures. But we actually went to play laser tag! Which is something I haven’t played since high school... which makes this the second time for me to play laser tag ever! lol.. I got the lowest score though! lol..because I have no idea where exactly my gun was pointing?!

A pix of me while I was waiting....

Later I went to eat some bakeries with my friends. It was really yummy!

my friends stock her small rilakkuma on my big rilakkuma.. lol 

Come Dinner time: 

The place we went actually wasn’t for dinners, it’s more of a lounge, for after dinner! .. 
so the table was super small and stuff..  = = Food were kind of small portion too~ but I was of course FULL at the end.. =P I love the macaroni and cheese !! I didn’t know they could taste so good ! ( always thought they look so ugly from the supermarket boxes! haha) 

The next day :

Yummy Dumpling Buns and Beef Noodle! I guess Shanghai & Taiwanese Style... I Actually didn’t know those things are called “ Dumplings” in English until recently...Totally different than Chinese meaning! 

In the afternoon, we went shopping. Although I don’t think I bought too much stuffs, I saw this super cute stuff toy and I thought, what?! it totally looks like BOO!!

and it is..!!! haha isn’t he adorable!?!?! 

Look at the domos!!!! SO CUTE!

Did some shopping..

I didn’t take too many pixx..

For dinner, we went to eat this buffet for the first time. It’s quite cheap for a buffet and it has many expensive goodies. I can’t say it’s the best quality, though for my tummy, I was fine! haha..

Sashimi Buffet is my fav <3 & I love KIWI! 


one of my favorite thing was the dessert! Frozen Yogert!
 I made it super nice with tons of kiwi and raisins hahah! 

After eating about 3500 cal.... I was so full~ 
but for whatever reason I still couldn’t resist more sweets and a spicy and sour soup! 

Fatty me..

The next day, friends and I went on this spontaneous little trip~ 
We went to eat some fish tacos and oyster 
We didn’t even plan it, basically just yelp something that looks good and go! 
it was gooooood & fresh =D 

Look at all the yummy food we got!
I think the Garlic Bread was probably the most filling~ made me super full!

So Yeah! Lot so food here! & I was tempted to not input all my food into the FitnessPal App.. Because obviously I WENT OVERBOARD with the cal limits!! but still. I was curious to how much cal did I really eat?... so here it goes..


... ? Not so Jelly anymore? lol Yeah ‘cause I ate all the food, but the fat also! lol. 

But anyways,, it’s the weekend again~ I hope you’ll all have a nice one!!!

What’s your favorite food?
What are your weekend plans?! 

Leave a comment to show that you care!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. I love your pictures!Yummy!!

  2. =D Thank U Dear <3 <3 <3


  3. fernroro6/03/2012

    holyy....... so much fooooooooooood!!! FOOD PORN! <333 ahhh cheap buffets are always lacking great quality :P which isnt a surprise! but oysters! <3 i havent had them in ages!! ;o and oysters round 2 the next day wtf so jelly!!.. ;A; LOL

    still jelly even though you ate like x2 your calorie limit LOL xDDDD i want a fattie weekend! :D