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My Fitness Pal App Review

Hi Lovelies! Some of you might notice that I been using the app: My Fitness Pal. 

No one introduce me this app, I kind of just wanted a diet app and searched for it. Looks pretty good so I download it. I didn’t really think if it’ll work or if I will continue to use, but I just tried it. 

In the beginning of the app, you have to put down your information, such as weight, height, gender and your desire goal. 

Afterwards, you can start inputting your daily diet in. To do that, you can either input the name of the food and search for it, or if you’re eating from any kind of food that comes with a barcode you can scan it!

I thought that the barcode scan was pretty convienent. Especially if you’re someone who’s busy, so you don’t usually cook your own food.

Cooking your own food may be a little bit more time consuming to input the data, however, you can create your own menu too. After inputting all the ingredient of your cooked meal, simply add it to your meal list and create a name for it.

Now the next time you cook the same dish~ You can use this saved dish and don’t need to reenter again!

I been using this app for  about few weeks now. & even though I might not have lose any weight  yet ( because even though I been somewhat diligent in inputting my food intake, I wasn’t very serious in cutting off the food I like! & if you saw my memorial weekend post, you see that I been eating WAY beyond my cal limits!) 

The good news is that it really helped me to know what food I should be eating and what food I shouldn’t. I can never just eyeball a meal and say how much cal is that, or remember what food has more cal then others.. that’s just too much work and information. This app really help me remember what food I should avoid and I am gradually eating better!!!

Other then inputting the diet, you can also input the amount of exercises you did. I think for exercises, they don’t have all the options, so it’s a bit hard if what you did is not on the list. But I think for the majority, it’s ok.

After inputting everything, you can complete the entry and it will tell you that if you do the same thing as you did today in 5 weeks you will b XXX lbs.. etc. which can either be encouraging or discouraging! Depends on how you see it!

The other options that I didn’t use is the social part of the app. Supposedly you can add your friends and see each other’s updates to motivate yourself to work harder. I don’t think it will update any personal info, like how much your friend weight. But instead, it just shows if a person did work out and burned out X amount of calories. Etc. 

Overall, I would recommend this app. I think it’s a good way to keep track of your food intake. Even if you’re not super serious about losing weight, you can also find out the nutrition information of the food that you’re eating and know what nutrition you’re lacking, etc. Which I think is helpful for maintaining good health. 

Do you use Diet Apps? 
What are your favorite apps? 

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