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Man Heels

Hi Lovelies~ Often we talk about women’s appeal/fashion. But today I want to talk bout man’s fashion ( maybe..?!)

so I realize that there are heels made for men :

We may not think of this much, but heels for men has been around for a long time. Cow boys for example:

Of course, they’re not really high and usually the heel is thick so you don’t see too much shape going on for the heel.
Or on men’s dress shoes ~ often have heels too~ in similar form that is less obvious.

But it seems to be another story when that heel become more skinny (feminine?)

#4 Victor - fashion consultant in Spain
#5 victor

#6 Though I am not into guys wearing heels, I have to admit some of the fashion shoots made it look normal! 

#7 These actually look quite acceptable to me ~ 

Yay or Nay for Men Heels?

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