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Best Coverage

Hi Lovelies!
 Today I want to do a post about makeup coverage. Of course this is with either foundation or BB Cream or powder.

Before I already made a video review, but I thought I want to do a blogpost too. 

For me, I have combination oily skin, so I have threw away at least a couple of foundations when trying out products. Personally, I feel like no matter what others say to you, if you have oily or combination oily skin, better skip foundation, they give u pimples, FAST!

As for powder, I think it’s usually suitable for any skin type. Except maybe for dry skin lovelies, you can probably do foundation instead.

I think BB cream is awesome because it is usually suitable for all skin types. It is more blend-able to you skin like a foundation but also lighter in thickness. 

For myself, I like Missha’s BB Cream Perfect Cover. I have use it for several months now~ & I really like it. Because of my skin type, especially for summer:  I now use a little more bb cream then I did in the video to get more long lasting effect! ( Because in summer time my face would become oily faster)

Here are some images:

Wore BB cream for hours for the day and still look the same!

Testing out by reapplying on one side of the face only


2nd application on left, original application on right. 
Reapply didn’t make much difference because coverage & lasting power is great!

This BB cream also have 42SPF. Which is awesome for a daily wear. ( I probably would not go any higher for daily wear. might be too thick) 

So personally I would recommend this product to family and friends for anyone who wants to try out BB creams ^^

Watch the full video review if you wish: 

Good Luck Lovelies! 

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo