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The Raven Movie Review

Hi Lovelies , today’s movie review is what is currently in theaters: The Raven

Forgive me for being inpatient in English class. I know Edgar Allan Poe is well known but I don’t remember anything he wrote. This movie is about the poet, who’s stories has become real life murders. As he got drag into these murder investigations, more lives are taken. 

Since all the crimes are following Edgar’s stories, the point of the story is quite simple : 

Find the murderer. 

Once the love of Edger’s life was captured, he has to keep writing, to keep her alive. 

Overall the movie is actually quite intense, story keeps moving. There are also much graphic for the murder scenes. Personally I didn’t think they were too scary.

I rate this movie 4.2 stars. Reason is because I wanted more mystery for the plot. If you like murder movies with a simple plot, then this is the movie for you!

Would you watch this movie?
What’s your favorite movie genre? 
Did you pay attention in English class ? lol 

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