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Gone Movie Review

Hi Lovelies

Today I want to share with you another movie review ^^

This is another movie that I watched because of Amanda Seyfried ! Honestly I never connected her with “Mean Girls” until I saw someone mention it somewhere. I think she’s totally the best actress who came out of all the “ mean girls” I know a lot of you must love Rachel McAdams too, but I think she always plays the similiar type of roles. Unlike Amanda, she seems to be able to handle variety of roles. 

The plot of the movie is simple. Basically main character Jill had a past that no one believes. When her sister has gone missing, she believe it was her kidnapper who came back to hunt her.

Jill went to the police but people has taken her words as crazy because she been through mental institute. Jill decided to go on her own to save her sister. 

Jill was the only survived victim from the kidnapper, but she never saw his face. Thus, she feels as if he’s always around her...&  he could be anyone.

Overall I rate this movie : 3.8 stars, it’s a pretty good triller movie to watch, just not enough plot for me. Also the ending seems quick... or.. weak!

Are you a movie addict?
Did you watch this movie? Would you?
What movies have you watched lately? Or what are you planning to watch?

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  1. I love Amanda and I agree, she was great in Mean Girls and takes on all different kinds of roles! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

    xo, Yi-chia