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The Viral Factor Movie Review

Hi Lovelies! This is probably the first Chinese Movie that I’m doing a review on? Although I seem quite a bit of Chinese movies, but I never thought they were interesting enough to review. Most of the time I review movies that I think is worth mentioning. Other times, I review bad ones to help you save your time! 

Normally Chinese movies seems to have the overall same predicating plot without anything new or unexpected. Also, for whatever reason, there are tons of wanna-be actors who can’t act but is all over the media and movies. But with this movie, is not the case! 

If you seem The Green Hornet ( with my review here) you probably learned about Jay Chou. But if you’re Chinese/Asian if you probably known him for ages. He’s a superstar as a singer, actor wise, I think he has improved in this movie. The other main actor is Nicholas Tse! I have known him forever ( also as a singer) & I used to think he’s really hot in High School! haha his acting skills has definitely improved also, now that he can actually take on roles that’s outside of the “ pretty boy”style. 

The movie actually hit the theaters in US. Which was a shock to me & I was so small minded that I refuse to waste my time in the theater with this movie, without watching the trailer or anything. 

I think that was a mistake. 

I can’t say the plot was genius and unpredictable, but overall the endless action was quite well made. There’s no over the top explosives, but all the single little detail seems very reasonable and realistic. 

Basically the movie is about a police offer who found out he is coming to the end of his life. Before he dies, he want to fulfill his mom’s wish in finding the missing family members. When he found them, he got caught in between international crimes, murders and family. 

Overall I rate this movie 4.5 stars. Majority of points goes to quality endless action with reasonable plot. I don’t like how some movies have non-sense endless action. I think the plot could have been even better, but I would definitely recommend this movie! 

Nicholas & Jay for the Movie Premieres

At the end here I want to show some nice photos of Nicholas. Since he is still pretty hot. lol 

ok just to be fair, let me show you some Jay Chou photos too

Did you watch this movie? Would you?
Who do you think is hotter? 

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  1. Ariana4/15/2012

    chinese man!! loveeeee
    i dont see this film...but i follow now!!kiss dear

  2. =D you will enjoy it ! <3


  3. Never seen this movie, but seems you liked a lot!^^

  4. Joanna4/17/2012

    I watched this movie and I liked it too! :D I love your blog design!