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TGIF! Fashion Friday Post!

Hi Lovelies! It’s Fashion Friday Again! 
Sorry that I totally missed that last week~
& sorry for the late post, but better then never!
I promise for most posts this week! 

First Stop as always is the runways!

My Picks for Farah Angsana Fall 2012 Ready to Wear

#1 there’s a lot of black this fall 

#2 Love the details here, pattern imitates leaves. 

#3 All shiny and glittery! Looks like a mermaid

#4Love this, very soft and elegant! 

Next Stop is : Japanese Fashion

 High Low skirts seems to be trending.~ I think it could be convenient~ because a short skirt always look even shorter on the back~ This styles can give the illusion of a shorter skirt without giving things away from your back view! 

Light denim seems to be trending back in style. I don’t think I am too into that, the only denim I wear right now is my jeans~ which I actually much prefer black. Although I have to say I still have my old denim jackets from ages ago, maybe it can be useful again?!

I probably won’t mind wearing these light denim colored clothing. As long it doesn’t have the thickness!!! 

What’s your favorite new trend? 
What new fashion style is on your wish list? 

Leave a comment to show that you care!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

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  1. The only thing I can really comment on is the high-low skirts and dresses (also called mullet skirts and dresses).  They can be very elegant to wear with such a short hemline in the front followed by a longer hemline at the back.  The real critical part of these is on shoe choice.  I probably wouldn't wear sneakers especially with an elegant-looking high-low/mullet skirt or dress.  But of course, to each their own.  I blogged about these once in my own blog.