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Fashion Fridays!

Hi Lovelies! It’s Friday again! Whoo whoo! TGIF! 
Although it may not be super fun for some of you who’s spring break is coming to an end?! 
I hope you enjoyed it at least~ N you still have a weekend ahead of you!!!

As for me, still busy busy anytime of the year, since I have both work and school~ & I plan to film more YouTube Videos this week, so please stay tuned for that! <3 ^^

So as usual, here comes the Runway Fashion Picks!

Dolce Gabbana Fall 2012 Ready to Wear

#1 Look at the amazing detail of the belt! Love it! <3 

#2 This piece shows a bit of skin, but skill somehow remains it’s class. Beautiful

#3 A lot of sheer and lace in this collection. Everything is so detailed~
The white dress seems simple enough but the clutch really makes a difference! 

#4 I love this small hand held purse. 
Small and delicate, ok to dress up or down with it!

#5 Floral and Fur? Never thought those two can match together but apparently it can! 

#6 Lacy and a bit transparent with darker under wears seems to be trending

#7 Black Gold White and Sheer this fall 

#8 The lacy white dress in full view ^^ 

Next Stop: Japanese Fashion!

#9 VIVI mag, all time must have!

#10 But I actually didn’t find a lot of trends that I like, but instead, I thought colors were interesting. Coral/Peach & yellow is trending ~ 

#11 LIke I mention last time baby blue/denim is trending. Aqua also, and a hint of purple. 
Everything leaning toward pastel for Spring! 

#12 Tons of Heels are getting thicker... do you like this trend? 

#13 I like the pink “ gaga” shoes on the right corner. Although it probably didn’t start by gaga? because I seem these type of shoes when I was reading NANA manga/comic, no? 

What is your new favorite color or style  that’s trending? 

  Leave a comment to show that you care!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. i thought my new favorite trend was anything pastel, but now im drooling for all of the Dolce Gabbana!

  2. I love all the pastels in the Japanese magazines! :)

  3. Natalya Mystery4/21/2012

    Me too I thought about buying pastel more, but I've got to admit, this D&G collection really impressed me. :)

  4. haha yes~ I feel the same ! Dolce Gabbana’s details r stunning ! 


  5. =D Yes~ They’re lovely~ I love Spring ^ ^ 


  6. Well~ I would say Pastel is still in for Spring! The D&G is for Fall ^^ !!


  7. guess it's time for me to pull out anything with a lot of detail and wear it ;D but I would stick to Japanese trends to be safe hehe 

  8. I'll go by the individual parts I want to chat about...

    10.) Many lovely pieces.  Coral is definitely a popular color these days.

    11.) As you may know, I love blue.  These outfits are lovely.  The most popular blue these days happens to be aqua.

    12.) Being an '80s born '90s child that also loves the '70s, I can appreciate the chunkier heels.  As with any shoe, it all looks good as long as it's done right.  These are done right.  In fact, many of these shoes have either '70s or '90s appeal.

    Nice post regardless, and your videos are great as well, including your latest one!  :)


  9. witchhazel824/23/2012

    I really love that belt! Little details make huge differences in every outfit. I really like those pink shoes too (they're called nightwalkers).. they're so hot! I would really love to have a pair in black so I could wear them often ;)