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The Woman in Black Movie Review

Hi Lovelies

Can’t believe it took me almost a month before I post this! err?! 
Anyways. Today I want to share with you a movie review!

This is a horror movie. Although not that scary. The beginning definitely caught your attention. However, the overall plot is mediocre. Basically a lawyer went through the loss of his wife due to child birth, he continues to work and travels to a village to settle a real estate. People there want him to leave for an unknown reason until he met “ the woman in black” 

Children started to mysteriously died. People blame the lawyer for not leaving. Everyone expect one man refuse to believe in the superstition. Eventually they both accept the fact of the ghost’s existence & started to search for why she is hunting this place and especially why is she killing the children. 

There’s not happy ending... well it’s a horror movie... Although I was a little disappointed because it seems that things would get resolved but it never did. 

Overall I rate this movie 3 stars. I think it’s an ok movie to kill time. At times it does ‘boo’ you a bit. But I think it is always a little less scary when you actually see the face of the ghost. I think the suspense of the unseen is more exciting! 

What do you think of the movie? 
What is your favorite movie Genre? 

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  1. Ariana3/21/2012

    I saw this film last week!...but...i don´t think anything because make me feel confused...lol XDDD
    My  favourite films are terror...and musical xD!
    kiss !

  2. Ooooohhhh my god. I saw this movie with my friends a month ago and I'm absolutely terrible at watching horror movies. The ending just got me thinking...I can't tell if it was good or bad. e_e;;; 

  3. lol yeah i felt the same about the ending! 


  4. lol yeah i was pretty confused during the movie actually cuz i wasn’t watching very carefully =P ha 


  5. i wanted to watch this when it came out but never did, what i heard from ppl and critics are pretty much wt you just wrote...i think i might buy the DVD once its on sale for like 10 or 15, but not buying it on full price...lol