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TGIF! Fashion Fridays!

HI Lovelies ! Finally it’s friday again! whoo whoo! This weekend, I am going to a friend’s wedding, so I am kind of excited about that! Although I have to say I am a little sadden with my wardrobe! I wish for more money ! >_< lol.. but in the mean time, let’s check out some fabulous fashions. After all, if we do have the money, we need to know how to spend it right?!

<<< First Stop is high fashion: Alexander McQueen >>> 

Let’s take a peak at backstage first!!!

#1 ooo look at these perfectly made wigs! 
I guess that makes sense~ 
you can’t expect the models to dye hair for every runway show right?!

#2 make up. hair, everything has to be perfect! 

#3 the models are ready to go now!

#4 Fabulous details, the usage of eyelet and furry fabric 

#5 again I love McQueen’s extravagant details 

#6 this actually reminds me of Japanese High School girl’s shoes with those socks that cover up most part of the shoe =P 

#7 I love elegant dresses with a lot of shapes. 
It give more variety then just the basic human form

#8 in love with the detail and fabric

#9 this one I absolutely love! it’s like one of those dresses that you can dance & spin in! 
I can just imagine spinning in this dress and make my skirt look ridiculous huge! <- that sounds so fun! ha 

#10 fab shoes, Love the Red. Awesome ! 

<<<< Next Stop: Japanese Fashion >>>>

Sorry I actually don’t have time to finish this part. 
But go ahead and read here

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  1. Ariana3/30/2012

    ooh the red shoes is *-* so cute! and the "socks" like japanese! 

  2. Fabriziaspinelli4/03/2012

    I like your post so much! These pictures
    are really gorgeous!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow
    each others: Cosa mi metto???

  3. =D sounds good~!! DID IT! & thx for loving my post!


  4. ^__^ !! <3 yes red shoes r fab. my eyes are so craving bright colors now!