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TGIF! Fashion Fridays ! ( or Sat.. ha)

Hi Lovelies! Sorry for the late night post. 
I know by the time you see this is most likely Sat already 
& I don’t know by the time I post this if the blog would say “ fri” or “sat.. haha

Well, today I want to share with you Ageha Magazine! 

Of course I always like Ageha magazine because of their super doll like look..

Although I have to say that mostly this magazine is about makeup & hair instead of fashion.

I love the floral white bag on top left 

I really love their hair color and thick curly hairs~. So super cute! 

Here they teach you how to do their eyes. Although I kind of feel like they’re the same?! 

I love the white coat on the lower right.
So adorable, perfect for school girl look, but can still match with other clothing!

I love all the different stocking designs. 
upper left’s model with vertical strip stockings are fab! 
Also love her overall look but I don’t know if I dare. haha 

Here they teach  you how to slim your face. 
I did bought a roller thing for my face but stop using after like 1 week. 
I’m so inconsistant! aiiii

Most of these super cute girls all have awesome long hair
but model on top right have short hair and still looks adorable. I like that. 

Like this Fashion Post? 
What is your favorite makeup style or magazine? 

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. these are soo prettty~!!! 

  2. I love the cutesy looks from Ageha!  I also like Non-no and CanCam.  *^_^*

  3. I love their fashion style it's always just so fun and their hair is always amazing!

  4. I have that mag! <3 Ageha is my all-time fave ^^

  5. Glad you like them ^^