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Oscars 2012 My Picks

Hi Lovelies

I know I am probably a little late on the Oscars Fashion Post~ But here it is! 

My Picks for Oscars 2012 

Rose Byrne looks very sexy here. Although I did saw the front view and it not suit here. 

Maria Menouno look so stunning here. I also love the color. Have a very feminine, soft and spring look. 

 Stacy Keibler looks amazing. I love the Rose wrap on the dress.

This Alexander McQueen Dress is definitely one of my favorites. however it did not suit Jessica Chastain very well. She look too soft for the dress. She definitely should have done something more with her hair to suit the dress, or pick another dress. 

Li BingBing is so sexy. 
The dress is beautiful too, with so much white & detail but still looks classy and nothing like a wedding dress. 

 Cameron Diaz’s  Gucci dress is stunning. I see Ocean and Fire. 

Jennifer Lopez ’s dress is probably one of the pieces that no one will disagree of how flattering it is! It also fits JLo’s Body perfectly! Amazing!

Natalie Portman is wearing Vintage Dior. Maybe I am a little bias with Dior, but I just feel he can make no wrong! Maybe there’s something we can add to the dress, but it is still simply classic! 

Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace. 
Obviously it’s one of everyone’s favorites, it’s so effortless, yet unique and sexy.

 Karolina Kurkova. I actually like this one, even though i would never imagine myself wearing pants for a big event, but I think the overall detail on the top makes her look very sculpted. 

Even though the color is just a tag bright for me, 
I think she looks stunning. The detail for the shoulder is  amazing. 

Victoria Beckham is one of my idol. To able to have her own line and hot husband and perfect figure after 4 kids. The dress is simple but elegant. Fits her body perfectly. 

Lastly just want to share with you this picture

Aren’t they sexy? haha

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  1. I really liked J Lo and Cameron Diaz they looked Fab! I did like Angelina's dress too but she is looking way too thin lately.

  2. These dresses are so beautiful, and now I am seriously craving a maxi dress even though I am short!

  3. Def loved Li Bing Bing's dress!  No trace of a wedding dress at all :)