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TGIF ! Fashion Picks + Mag Scan Spam

Hi Lovelies! 
It’s Friday Again ! Whoo Whoo! 

So of course today I will bring to you some awesome Fashion Picks from a Japanese Magazine. 

These outfits looks like Lady Gaga.
but my pick would definitely be the left outfit.
The Puff shoulders are so in ! 

I added this page because it has my favorite celebrities. 
Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera especially!!! for both looks, style, voice, everything! 
I like Katy Perry for her looks! haha

This one is not really a fashion piece, instead I just love her pink her so much. 
Not everyone can pull off pink hair. I think she looks beautiful. 
Especially on her bottom right hand corner picture! 

I may be a little bias today for Pink here! 
My pick is the left bottom corner. 
I like it because it is simple, sexy and matches perfectly with the super cute cotton pink hair! 

Gothic style have tons of black and red. 
I used to like cross a lot. Although I am not crazy about it now, but I still think it’s pretty awesome.
I like the leggings here especially for the design and color. 

I pick this picture actually because of the dressed up Duffy! 
Too Cute! Do you see her?

I always love lolita, therefore, I love this outfit. 
Lolita outfits have tons of soft romantic colors, especially in pink and white.
I like this outfit that gives a rich sapphire color. Very elegant. 

This last one is more of a normal look. ( compare to all the other looks in KERA)
I like the color combination of green and red. 
Love the orange bottom. I think the top could have been even better if it were white. 

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. Daria K.2/03/2012

    I wish I could understand Japanese:)


  2. I love Kera! Thanks for the pics ^^ 

  3. I always love the Japanese lolita girls. They're really cute and doll-like! <3

  4. Salla Västilä2/04/2012

    Thanks for sharing! May I should pick my own pics from the mag too, there seems to be many good ones! <3 I love those Gaga-styled and the Alice in The Wonderland-look-a-like (the second last pic) was wonderful! Thanku~ ^^