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Hi Lovelies! It’s friday again! Yay!

Sorry for the late post today, by the time you see this is probably most likely Sat.. 

Well since it’s Friday. Let’s do FASHION FRIDAY POST <3 

First set is from Versace Fall 2012

This almost overall sequence look is sexy

There are a lot of black in the fall, as probably how all fall are. 
This one looks simple and fierce.

Cross used to be my favorite design. 
Although not so much anymore, but I love the skirt here, they look sexy and almost like flower prints.

Next set if my picks for Moschino Fall 2012

I love the cape coat thing. 
This at first glance may look a little weird, but stare at it a little longer.... I think it’s fabulous! 

I see a lot of Royal Azure Color this year.
 I guess it’s a color that can go across the seasons.

Had to put this in because I love uniforms
The color coordination is beautiful 

Another piece that looks like uniform inspired or double breasted coat inspired. 

Last set of photos today are My Picks for Bluemarine Fall 2012

Actually I am not too impressed with this collection. But I still show you a few picks

Of course I picked this for the leopard. 
The other leopard was too much. I think this is the maximum! 

This outfit doesn’t look like something we never seem before. 
However, I like the material of the reflective fabric. Shoes are very nice too

Pleased to see pure white since there are so much black this Fall
I really want the super fuzzy white bag!

Like this Fashion Post? 
What was your favorite trend that’s happening this Fall? 

Leave a comment to show that you care!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. The royal azure colour is beautiful! And I totally love the military/uniform jacket look. <3

  2. Daria K.2/25/2012

    I love this blue coat!


  3. love the blue coat!


  4. KittyBonkers2/25/2012

    I don't know why but I LOVE that first dress! Its like a mermaid or something!

    Kitty xoxox

  5. O thats true. i can totally see that!!


  6. Looks good. Some items look pretty futuristic hehe

  7. A lot of the pieces are a bit out there for me, but I love Moschino's items! Especially the military inspired coat - so cute :)

  8. Those are some pretty killer outfits!

  9. Janakitchen2/28/2012

    Amazing pics!!

  10. These look great!! I really like the 3rd to last one with the animal print especially ^^