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Travel/ Vacay pix Part 3 !!!

Hi Lovelies! Part 3 is here!
I think this is the first time I do so many parts of the same topic~
 Please enjoy my hard work of editing!!!

Also, I was actually sort of holding out on this post because I was hoping to post my giveaway/contest post first.. but as of now it seems like I’m unsuccessful at it ! ( so far)  darn! So I guess I should post this first before all of you think I disappear for no reason!

This part of photos are majority Animal Photos. Which IDK if it interest you too much. So I will make some pixx smaller~~~ But if you do like animals, def click on the pic to enlarge!

first.. OO what’s behind Teddy?

An Alligator!
 I don’t know if he’s real though since we saw him at the same position when we leave that day 

OK Food Porn Pix~ but just 1.. So You won’ be so hungry! haha 

Little Squirrel so cute!

This huge lizard thing likes to play ! 

This thing likes attention from human! 

Flamingos are pretty but smelly! 

Swans are always beautiful ^^ 

Teddy: goat is ignoring me! 

Such adorable pix . both the sheep n the little girl petting it! 

Bird Show~ 

what’s behind me?! 

O.. something boring n slow.. Sorry I like Sea Turtles better =P 


LOok at the Tigers! 2 little tigers play together! so cute! 

mama tiger with baby tiger ~ 

 This one is probably my favorite pixx. looks like a painting! 

Mama tiger plays with ball. haha ~ they’re cats after all! 

Family walks together! 

OMGISH! Too much of a human looking chimpanzee~ 
Blocking his private part cuz it looks too much like animal porn. >_<!!!! 

yoyo monkey yoyoyo! 

Teddy: Zibra loves me! 

Lover Zibras! 

hihi! are you the thing from Madagascar? 

What’s the Lion looking at? ( Answer: Airplanes!) 

Giant Lizard thing?! little scary!

Alright.. that’s all for this part of the Vacay pixx! Didn’t it only took you minutes to look through all my hard work of photo editing?! Well.. I hope you enjoy it cuz there will be PART 4!!!! hahha.. 

But I am hoping to get the giveaway/contest post out in a day or two the most.. =) ~~ 
so see you then! * muah* ! 

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. haha I love your traveling Teddy! soo cute! 

  2. bunnycakez1/12/2012

    lmao thats so cute how you did that! it reminds me of that weird knomb. wait.. i know i spelled that wrog lol >.<

  3. =D thanksss ~~~ I kind of always wanted to do that n I finally did it. Bringing a toy with me in public!!! lol 


  4. =P ~~~~ HA~~~~ I hope i keep bring a toy with me every time I go travel now~ before I never did it cuz I feel little embarrassed.. but now.. whatevers! It makes my photos cute! haha


  5. lol at your animal porn moment...and OMG i luv the tigers, they are so adorable...i luv felines in general...i have to cats...hehe..i would've never guessed that Flamingo are smelly...but good to know~~seem like you had alot of fun~~~


  6. lol I love how your teddy bear is in all these pics. Looks like a really fun trip! I love going to the zoo :D

  7. Daria K.1/14/2012

    great pictures


  8. PolaBerry1/16/2012

    Awesome photos!


    Dont forget to enter my Wet n Wild Giveaway!

  9. Emily Borneman1/17/2012

    Those tigers are too cute ~♥
    lol and I love how you blocked out the chimp hahah


  10. Nice photos, I like how you put a bear in your photos ^^ so cute<3

  11. super cute pics!! you look like you had such a fun time at the zoo!! i love your little teddy in all the pics haha :)

    oh actually it's a hello kitty book just with a bunch of different hello kitty pictures hahah.. my girlfriend gave it to me many years ago.. and it always reminds me of her :)