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Traval/ Vacay Pix Part 2 ~

Hi Lovelies! I am in process of preparing for another giveaway/contest ~ Please stay tuned!
 In the mean time.. Please enjoy some of my travel pix.. part 2 !!!

First off is universal studios~ I been there probably 2000 times~ so I went again before the annual pass expires~ ~ =P 

When we arrived, we were so hungry~ I tried PINK’s hotdog. I never tried it before!
The look of it may not be super nice and the hotdog is pretty skinny. BUT! it was really yummy! 

But If you haven’t been to Universal Studios forever you might have missed their Simpsons’s ride. Which  I think it’s fun for all ages! I like the cute deco’s of the ride before entering into the ride...

The Shrek’s ride is cute too~ Took a pix of this board cuz I think it’s so adorable!

I never play those game things at universal... & I didn’t! but couldn’t help and take a pix of this huge Domo! ooo I want!

I refused to take the Jurassic park ride because it was freaking cold, plus I know the ride is pretty boring. But I did managed to snap pix of the cute dinosaurs! 

Snap shoot of the mummy’s ride. I Love everything Egypt. even though I know it’s fake..

The thing I love the most was the Super Tall Christmas Tree! There was a lighting Ceremony and the tree changes so many colors! It was so beautiful! 

Here is a pix of the show. Which I actually didn’t really care about. =P 

Next Up is Some Food Porn! 

I went to Todai ~ I used to go there a lot so I stop going for a while~ I like their Sashimi portion! Yum 

Did I make the plate look awesome or what? haha

Dessert was really whatevers. But for $20 buffet ( lunch) , I guess overall is good enough! 

Was already totally full when I saw a lady from another table eating Udon.. so I grabbed a bowl.. =P 

Alright that’s it for part 2.  Are you hungry now?! 

Sorry that it’s another short one. But next bunch of pictures is a lot & I probably only edited 1/3 of them ~ so I think it’s better wait and group those pix in one post after I edited them all ~ ^^ 

Again, I am planning a giveaway/contest ~ Stay tuned !!!!

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. lucky!! I've never been to Universal Studios once :P it looks like you had a lot of fun though :)
    ahh all that sushi looks so yummy. such pretty pictures! 

  2. Daria K.1/09/2012

    I envy you! and yeah my first of all I'm jealous of food because I'm hungry as hell ahahah and I would eat this pink hod dog;) it looks yummy

    I've never been to Universal Studios booo :(


  3. OOO haha thxxx...Universal is pretty fun if you have never been! & I heard they’re having a new ride call the “ transformers” this year ^^ 


  4. Thank U <3 I am seriously thinking to go Todai more often just for the Sashimi’s ~~ because I think the main different from lunch to dinner is the crab leg and crape for dessert. But actually we had the crab legs that day~ ( surprisingly) but I don’t care for crab legs that much~ I do crave for the crapes though!! 


  5. ingrid mendez1/09/2012

    Looks like fun! How much is the year long pass?

  6. I think it was 76~ But only worth it if you go a lot~ however, I think it’s too small to go too often. You can get 3 passes for 56 at Costco 


  7. The food looks really good! I hope you had fun on your trip! I went to Universal Studios at the Disney World in Orlando, FL, but that was yearsss ago when I was little. I'd like to go back sometime and ride on all the rides again :D

  8. I love Universal Studios! So much fun ;) Again, all of the food looks sooo good (especially that hot dog with bacon.. mm!) and it made me hungry! ;p

  9. Thanks for the awards doll! You always have the best food photographs ever! Gah. Now I'm hungry.

    The Pretty Secrets

  10. Note to remember: ALWAYS eat before looking at Hitomi Neko's blog. Seriously. Hahahaha



  11. haha~ I should put in disclaimer: “ not responsible for your hungry stomach! “ =P 

  12. =D Thxxxxx ~ I shall post Part 3 up soon~ 

  13. OoO yeah~ totally~ & I shall post up part 3 soon~~ <3

  14. oh yeah I had fun~ Hopefully I get to go more places that I have not been b4 though = P ~ but yeah I think it’s worth going if you haven’t been for ages! 


  15. Um... here's the deal... you made me SO HUNGRY!! :( I have not eaten breakfast yet and I saw your post with the photos being majority food-related photos :(

    I really want to go to the universal studios one day :D looks like such fun!

  16. The Christmas lighting displays look impressive to me.  Absolutely beautiful... just like you, HitomiNeko!  ^_^


  17. =D Thank U So  much! * Blushes * ^^ 

  18. =D Haha~ <3 I hate that sometimes 2 when I encounter other ppl’s food porn when I still haven’t eat breakfast ( because I don’t eat breakfast) but ... still can’t help & view them huh?! ^^


  19. BeautyFlawed1/17/2012

    That picture of the sushi totally just made me super hungry for some!

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