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MAG SCAN SPAM & Updates !

Hi Lovelies! I been working on some posts but I am not ready to post them yet~ In the mean time I thought I should share with you some Mags! If you want to read just click the link !!!

Also I been meaning to try to make this blog more of a “ fashion” blog. Thinking about posting OOTD and stuff but feel little ashamed of my wardrobe so I don’t know what to do ! LOL 

Plus I feel like I definitely need a large full size mirror in order to deliver you nice OOTD photos... Perhaps I will work on getting those things.. mMMM

In the Mean time, Check our my Tumblr for some awesome Fashion Picks.. =P 

Or read the Asian Mags I have here. I love Asian Fashion as well! <3 

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  1. yayyy thanks for the scans!!!

  2. Jana Herrera1/20/2012

    Lovely pics and blog! Now i´m follower :D
    I invite you to visit my blog, and if you like it, you can be my follower.
    Now i´m follower on you blog
    xoxo from Spain :D

  3. Norma Tovar1/20/2012

    Hi sweety! go check out my blog! I nominated u for an award ! :)

  4. aww thank you so much! don't know if you have a disqus acc or not, but I don't have your link here to go 2 your blog. please leave it so I can check it out =)

  5. I'd surely be interested seeing your Outfit of the Day looks.  As beautiful as you are with your hair, face, and smile; seeing your overall fashion style would be a wonderful compliment to this lovely blog.  As for the magazine scans, these are just some more lovely ladies dressed beautifully.  The Popteen one is my favorite of the two scans.


  6. aww thx~ I think I will definitely work on that... Was planning to DIY a large full size mirror..( in attempt to save $$)  but then I don’t know if that would fit into my car!!! haha..