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New Video: Eyeliner Gel reviews

Hi Lovelies! It’s the final weeks of my school, so I been super busy... & I think my heart dropped a little when I realized there is an additional dress that I am suppose to do for my final project... that I didn’t know about until today.. and it’s due this week.. Great...

But anyways, somehow I managed to have the time to edit my video that I did last week. I kinda force myself because I think it’s kind of lame to tape a video and don’t post it for weeks! I think at the end I will end up not posting them.. ( like some of my previous videos that I never posted.. lol) 

So here it is, I hope you find it somewhat useful, so I can feel somewhat good about myself to make time for making and editing this video during the last super busy week of my school =P haha...

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  1. how did your primer bottle fade that much? haha good luck with your project btw!


  2. @Chloe Nghiem : good question! I have no idea! I guess too much stuff in my makeup bag scratches it all off! lol =P

  3. I saw the video on YouTube and commented accordingly on YouTube. Once again, you are a beautiful goddess with divine beauty. Looking awesome!