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My Wish list! + MSS ^^

Hi Lovelies!  I actually started writing this entry since friday but I never had the time to finish it! ah! n I predict I won’t be able to finish it because of all my plans in my vac! How naive of me to think that I would have time to blog during my vac! lol... Well hopefully the good things is that I get to share with you more pictures afterwards... as for now.. I think I should post this NOT FINISHED post... eee actually I’m a little hesitant about it.. seems so unprofessional.. LOL! But it’s about my wish list.. so I think if I post after X mas.. it would seem kind of pointless? Even though my Wish list is not really just for X mas.. mMMmMMm anyway.. here it goes... 

It’s friday again! yay! N for probably many of you, it’s also the end ( or almost the end) of a school semester!? Yes?! I have my last class tmr with finals and I’m done for a while. Still working though.~ I’m such a hard working chick! ha << school have breaks but working never stops! aiiiyayyaya life! >>

Anyways~ I been thinking about what to blog about~ & recently I saw those Blogger Awards things in Asia~ IDK if there’s any here in US.~ Although I probably won’t win anything anyway.. hahaha.. but I kinda do want a blogger award! ( like a real one that I can hold on to... if I win one of those.. I think I would feel pretty accomplished!!! =P ) 

So anyway~ I thought I want to make a wish list for myself. I know I am not going to purchase them all this month ( or at least I hope not!) but I thought having a list is good so I know what I really need or what~~~~ ^O^

*~*~*~*~* WIsh LisT *~*~*~*~*~*

1) Hello Kitty Tokidoki Items! 
Actually I really need new luggage~ because my old ones are super cracked inside! Every time I use it, there are always those small cracked falling pieces everywhere! The things with Hello Kitty luggages is that they look pretty small... Feels like they can only fit my items for one day of travel... ..MAYBE..

On the side note here, HK tokidoki is doing these keychain collectable things in Hong Kong 7-11! 

Don’t they look super cute?!?!?!? Man, I so want to collect but I’m not in Hong Kong!

When I went to the mall, I also saw a ton of tokidoki item that I want too! I really want the sleeves for Laptop or Ipad! ( couldn’t find the pix for Ipad? but pretty much the same !) 

the Cosmetic bag is pretty cool too~ because it’s sturdy and structure is somewhat like a coin purse~ very protective of your cosmetic items! 

I was also tempted to buy the following bag, but in person it just seems a bit huge.. not suitable for everyday use. ~ & it doesn’t have duo carry option. it would be tiring to carry such a huge bag by hand all the time! I wish the design of the bag can be better.. because I love the print so darn much! 

The name card case is super cute too ( of course! Because I  love the print!) 

2) Closet Space!

OK So this one seems a bit hard?! like Space? how can anyone give me space unless they buy me a house? lol But other then the house itself, I think the things to “organize” is also very important! Since I’m super horrible with organizing... 

So one thing I like to look at is furnitures. They always fascinates me! Just like Fashion and many other art things! & the one thing I really want and really need right now is a large super nice and pretty Closet~!!

These look simple and plain, but with just a switch of the door knobs, they would look very pretty! Plus I LOVE white! So I think they can look very elegant! 

3) Full Size Mirror + decorative mirrors

You must think I’m joking when I say I don’t have a full size mirror. It’s like every girl’s must have item!?! Actually I used to own one. Those cheap Walmart kind, I guess they got lost over the times when I moved...but those are not really really “ full size”.. I mean I guess it could work, but I really want a HUGE mirror!
I saw this huge mirror at IKEA and I kind of really want it. but it’s like $130 ( vs walmart $6 or $9?!... ok let me think about it..) Of course it’s super sturdy and nice.. I really want one..!!

Other mirrors I want are these decorative mirrors! Though according to Chinese fung shway, it’s actually not good to have to many mirrors inside the house. Personally I am not a superstitious person. In fact, I hate any kind of superstition because I think they just get in the way of my freedom! But there were many bad things happening to me this year. so for just 1 night, I sorta give in to superstition and start organizing my room according to fung shway..... so I put my mirror in a different direction so my SO n I won’t fight.. and guess what?! WE FOUGHT! 

Needless to say... I’m back to anti superstition person the very next day!

4) Work light

Before I came to US, all the lights I used was installed on the ceiling. But in US, all the lights are stand up lights that reflect the light to the ceiling instead of directly shinning it on you. The good thing about that, it is better for your eyes. The bad thing? The lights are freaking dim! ( which is not good for your eyes..)

So I realize all american ppl are really “romantic", you can go into almost any restaurant and the lights are dim. If you go to any chinese restaurant~~ you get the exact opposite! I also did not understand why everyone HAVE TO watch movie in the dark.. it’s NOT GOOD for you eyes to watch TV in the dark.. ( I think movie theater is different...because you’re not watching TV, it’s a screen!!! ) 

Anyway, so I really need a work light to see things better when I’m making my cute Deco’s or Clothing's!

I wonder if I should get LED light ones or just regular? I think LED is brighter.. but light bulb is probably much more expensive ?!

5) Stuffed Animals

Haha, actually I probably shouldn’t have any more stuff animals.. but my dream is to have a couple of stuff animal of each animal! ~~~ ( So each one can have a partner! lol ) 

I know this will be a long term goal.. so I’m not in a hurry. hopefully one day I can really have a room full of stuffed animals! <3 <3 <3!!!

6) Skin Care Item

For this one, I’m not exactly sure what I want. Because expensive brands don’t always automatically mean they’re good for my skin. In order to avoid wasting $, I’m always super careful when I am trying to select Skin Care or Makeup. 

Right now, I really want to try  SEKKISEI

I been wanting to try this for a long time. But it’s quite pricy ~ & now they have different ( color) ones that I get more confused now! 


ok so that was all I was able to blog about.. I know my list would be super long.. so.. but anyways, I am still going to attach a TGIF MSS post here. =D Hope you enjoy!! & don’t forgot about me during the holidays! I will be back soon! & I already did film my Missha review. so Please stay tuned! I will post the video the first chance I get ( uploading youtube videos takes so freaking long!!!) 

OK love you all! Merry Christmas!!! ^_^

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. omg the prints are totally cute!

    Also, if you already got that one before don't worry about it I also tagged you in another 2 :-)

  2. I love the HK tokidoki collection.. so cute!! I really like those figures from 7-11.. especially the little diamond.. wish I could collect some of those too! Merry Christmas Hitomi!! ♥

  3. Ahh tokidoki cuteness overload <3 sucks that we're not in Hong Kong now! Those collectibles are sooo cute! Reminds me I want to get a mirror for my room too :P


  4. tokidoki items are cute yet very pricey.


  5. i hope you get everything on your list dear. :)

  6. Lovely wishlist! Haha, omg i saw that HK x TKDK collab and i want them so much too!! (damn advertising tactics !!)

  7. I've been using Kose Sekkisei for a couple of years now, and it's really good. AND OMG Hong Kong Y UR 7-11 have HK X Tokidoki items?! Not fair! T_T

  8. Hi my loves~~ I am finally able to get some wifi here~ thanks for all the comments :D I will b home n blogging soon :D

    Xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  9. LOVE the hello kitty bag!

    so adorable!

    lindsey |