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My Black Friday Haul + Auto Show

Hi Lovelies~ Sorry for the lack for post this week. My home has been out of electricity for the past 2 days! and so far.. I still have no idea when it will return power! AHH! sucks! As I mention before, I actually did not buy a lot of things on Black Friday because the LACK OF SALES! all the sales seems like just regular sales that you could see anytime. But anyway I will  post them !

First up is my Nine West shoes~ they look so comfy! Actually at first sight, did not feel they’re very pretty. But it’s really comfortable and the height is perfect for long walk without dying!

Second up is also Nine West, the red color reminds me of Red Riding Hood! I’m falling in love with Red a lot lately! 

Third one is a scarf~ from H&M I love the pattern because it looks quite elegant with a reasonable price ! ( although no discount =P)

Next up is also H&M, the blazer was on sale. I think it looks way better on a person then being hang here! .. plus the lighting is not very good... does not do the blazer justice! I was debating over the color...when my friend choose the light one. I guess I am left with this!

Next up is a comfy bathrobe! It has a hoodie too! the material is so soft! I need to buy more!
 From Target.

Alright, I actually bought a BB Cream online also from the black friday sale. & planning on going back to H&M because I have some gift cards! so perhaps more haul photo post coming up~ hehe.

Last but not least, the belated auto show pix that I did not have time to post earlier... I have more pictures but I don’t know how many pictures should I post?! haha.. so I just randomly selected some <3 

First one is from the Nintendo booth. The car is so cute. Although I’m not a fan for the new 3D DS.. I mean it makes me dizzy.. doesn’t it?

The mushroom is so cute! <3

o look the engine!

I think this is KIA, I like the cute modifications! 

look inside!

I think this is KIA also

Can never miss porsche!

One of the modification cars. All the modification cars are downstairs that I actually never knew about. 

The car has classic appearance but is very high class inside! Not allow to go in unless you’re a rich buyer =P

Took a pix of this car ‘cause I think the rear light is so comic like! haha

Always felt like Mercedes are for old people, but after looking at this one, I have to say I like it! Trending with class!

By the way, I think ford is giving out $50 if they test drive their car! Just have to submit your information to them. I don’t know if you can just do this online or not, but I did it at the auto show~ test drive the car and now waiting for my $50 gift card that will come in January! ^^ 

Would you like to see more auto show pictures? 
Did you like the haul post ^^? 

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  1. Hello, lovely! :) The car with a "classic appearance" is from a British company called Morgan. Lovely car, isn't it? The car you think is a Kia is indeed a Kia (the Kia Soul, I believe). The Chrysler 300 is a lovely car from the car pictures. I am not sure what car that is before the Porsche picture, but that's a nice concept. I like the red wedge pumps the most of the fashion items you posted here. Those are cute.


  2. Haa! The Kart is awesome!

  3. @JOHN: o I just look through my photos, I think that’s a KIA too!

    @light: =P thx

  4. I love those green shoes and those cars are super sweet!!! :D

  5. Omg 50$ just to test drive a car!? I'd do that too! LOL I used to think Mercedes was for older people too but ever since they released the C-class I feel different now lol especially since they did the remodeling of the headlights, I hate those circle ones!><

    Oh and you mentioned something about shiseido in your comment but I can't remember what we were talking about lol I tried to find it but can't seem too, were we talking about tinted moisturizer? =S

  6. great haul!!! i love the scarf, so pretty!!! i love auto shows. so many cool & interesting cars :D

  7. I love the red nine west wedges and what a cool car show!

  8. Nice haul. I love H&M. The scarf looks pretty and I really like those red wedges

  9. Oh no! Hope you get your power back soon.. You picked up some great things on Black Friday! Thanks for sharing ♥