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Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol Movie Review

Hi Lovelies! I am finally back from vacation~ I have “ some” photos that I would need to edit and post ~~~ I said “ some” because I feel I am still not very cam-whore-ish~ so I don’t know if I would have a lot of photos to post~ but for sure I will have a Food Porn Post! ^^ hehe Sorry that I haven’t post my video yet. I feel I’m not very good with posting videos~ >_< forgive me! 

Anyways~ Today I will write about my Missions Impossible 4 Review, since my photos are still pending.~   here it goes..

So I am pretty sure we all loved Mission Impossible, the original movie. I don’t know how many of you love the 2nd and the 3rd.. because I did not love them so much. & I was getting so disappointed at all these sequel movies. So when the 4th movie of MI came out.. I felt really what-evers. & even after looking at the preview I did not think it would be very good. 

To my surprise, MI4 was better then expected. there’s definitely more detail storyline then MI3 ( where at the end you still hv no idea WTF is the rabbit foot?!) There’s also some details that was unexpected. Less romance drama vs MI3 but still connect the story line as  a sequel to it.  The action was pretty good; Tom Cruise was again doing stunts on high buildings (of course I know it’s not real, but it was intense!) 

There seems to be some ads in the movie: Apple and BMW. But that’s ok I guess. The only part that left me wonder was when Ethan survive at the vertical drop with the BMW?! I don’t think it’s really possible in real life? ( So is that a misleading advertisement? Or do they just say : Hey.. it’s a movie...) 
I thought it was pretty cool to see a working BMW concept car in the movie. 

Movie is a bit long, little over 2 hours, but full with detail and suspense. I would definitely recommend it. Even if you did not like MI2 & MI3 ^^ Overall I rate this movie 4.3 stars. 

Please stay tune for my upcoming posts regarding my vac and video <3 

Happy Holidays! 

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  1. I love your video review! I have never used gel eyeliner because I'm scared of brushes :D and my hands are shaking so bad ;) I can barely apply eyeshadows using brushes ;) but I have to try it out:)

    I'm also looking for a great eyeshadow primer:) so thank you for your review!:)

  2. I saw the trailer in the Cinema and it looks awesome! Epecially the scene where he has to climp the building *O* amazing!

  3. @Caise: Thank you! I was really scared too with brushes. but I guess practice makes perfect!

    @Maria May : It was a pretty good movie~ sometimes I think trailers are better than the movie itself, but this one was good =)

  4. MI4 proves that the sequels with exceptions have never lived upto the class of the original. This had no mystery just action and most of it of the type already seen by us. also the movie is full of discrepancies. In mumbai they are showing signboards in Kannada. Also the cars in the final sequence have number plates which are not used in India at all. The glass shown in burj al khalifa is shown as a normal glass whereas in reality at such heights glass used are very specialized glasses which will not break by someone just banging against it. Nothing great a average movie.