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Hitomi Haul =^^=

Hi Lovelies! It’s time for.. Hitomi Haul Post! ^^ ok, so it’s just a regular haul post~ but I kinda put some personal touch to the post ?! =P 

First up is my online package.~~~~ It actually arrived a while ago, but I was so busy with school & work that I didn’t even have time to take pix of it until now ~~ >_<

OOO? what’s inside the package? 

ban! looks like I ordered Missha products! It’s actually my first time ordering! I saw that they have holiday sale.. so I thought after seeing all  those good reviews~ I shall try 2 !

First thing is the Missha BB Cream. #13. I was not sure which color I should get. & then I realize all the lighter colors are sold out except the #13. so I thought ok. I shall get that! I see some people say it’s too white~ but I don’t feel that way. sure it’s whiter then my skin tone, but I feel the face should be slightly whiter to be pretty ^^ especially since my oily skin gets darker by the hour anyway ! I haven’t have time to really look at the results~ I plan to do a video on this after I have time to observe a little more! 

Here is the Deluxe Sample BB creams and makeup remover I believe. I am not sure what I should do with the samples because they’re all not #13. ~ So there’s a good chance that I will give them away~~

The other freebie they gimme is the mask~ I shall try it =P 

ok~~~ Next up is my haul at the mall... it’s so bad because technically I was only there to buy some H&M stuff with my gift card~ & I ended up with more! 

First up is H&M’s scarf~~~ there’s a clip in the front. you can wear this with any coat or jacket n instantly look a lot more puffy! lol sorry for the ugly color n background =P 

Originally I was going to buy another scarf, but I guess by the time I got there, there was no more. So I ended up with this necklace! I think it’s really cute =) 

Next up is shoes! I finally bought some new boots. My old one is terribly messed up. The pad at the bottom had stick out almost completely out into the open from the back of my heel! lol.. But it’s so cold now, so I didn’t dare to throw that away until I bought this new one ^^ 

Last pair of shoes is another high heels to my collection! & I love it at first sight! I didn’t mean to buy two leopard shoes. but Leopard is in my blood! =P

Alright, I hope you enjoy my haul post!! & Please follow me via other social channels because I would post update or photos there too~~ when I don’t have time to actually blog ^^ 

Happy Holidays! 

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. great haul~~~ive just bought some MIssha BB cream too, im loving the pumps~~~they are gorgeous~~~


  2. Gorgeous shoes you got there! :D I'm not a fan of leopard print, but i do love to see other ppl's hauls, haha~

  3. ohhh great haul!! those leopard print pumps are so cute!

  4. ahh those heels.. just checked out their site and they have really nice shoes *u* thanks for sharing hitomi! :D


  5. Love your haul <3 Haha, the good things about things that are whiter than your skin is you can just set it with slightly darker powder & wah-la! I use a bb cream that's slightly too white for me, but it's allgoods after i set it - as long as im not taking flash photography, no one will know my neck & face is two different shades :DD looking forward to seeing the video review you'll have for the Missha BB cream!

  6. love that set of cream, they look all nice and cristmassy!

  7. amazing haul! :)seems many bloggers are starting to feel festive haha! :D

  8. Lovely items, they are all so beautiful.

    I have a giveaway this week, would love for you to check it out ;)

  9. @Just tututiny : THank u ^^

    @SugarSugar: Thank u. ahha I know.. I guess the season is making me shop more!

    @Lucy: =D yeah!

    @Jen: I just looked at my face around 1pm-ish I don’t feel my face is white at all! but I think it’s still a tiny bit lighter then no makeup~ glad I did not order a darker color!

    @Chloe: NP! I bought the shoes at a store, not their online store. n I got cheaper price! =P

    @Lisa: Thank u ^^

    @LauraLeia: haha I know what u mean~ I like looking at other ppl’s haul too!!

    @Jessy! Thanks! I must wear my pumps for an event soon!

  10. wow...love the shoes.

    Thank you for sharing the post.


  11. aww i wanna try out missha stuff!! *-* cant wait for your review!
    and i also think whiter skin is pretty! :D
    i mean dark skin is also pretty~ but i love glowing skin :D

    and omgggg the leopard heels!! *-* they are so pretty!! <3 i havent worn proper heels in ages though haha

  12. Nice Haul. Please do tell how the BB creams work out for you. I'd like to know. :) Also I really like the leopard print heels. The bow makes it look extra cute.

  13. Ohh, you got some great stuff! Really love both the shoes.. I like leopard a lot too ;) The heels are so sexy!

  14. that bottle necklace is so cute!

  15. Great haul! The Missha set looks really good - I'm curious to see how the #13 looks on you. I have #21 and it's just a tad warmer than my own skintone. Love the necklace and the leopard print pumps too! :)

  16. Damn that deluxe sample looks good! I just switched to their perfect cover too (#23) from previously using the M Vita series. WAY better coverage but but both have their pros/cons. I'm happier with Perfect Cover more though right now :D I really should have jumped on that holiday sale they had :X

  17. I love those shoes! <3

    I gave you a blog award on my blog


  18. Wow! super nice hauls!..looking forward to your Missha reviews...^_^~

  19. Anonymous1/03/2012

    Oh my god, I hate the exact same fur collar from H&M :'O I also bought the hat too, and it's really cute all together with a black trench coat >////<