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Soda Stream

Hi Lovlies. This morning on my way to work, I heard about this product on the radio. 
notes: this is NOT an advert....

It’s call “ Soda Stream”

Personally, I”m not a huge fan of soda, but when I do get tired of my water and juice ~ soda seems quite tempting. Personally I don’t like things to go to waste and I do some recycling, such as my soda bottles. Since I’m not a huge drinker, it takes FOREVER to save up some bottles to worth a trip to recycle. & having all those use bottles at home is unpleasant too since I only have a small home.

So when I heard about this product I was curious and decided to check it out. Basically, you have to purchase their soda maker and syrup that makes the soda. You fill water with the bottle, the machine inputs CO2, add in the syrup, mix a little then WOW! you have just made your own soda!

OK, yea I know, it’s actually not that exciting~ But it seems quite convenient, just make all the soda you want and never have to recycle soda bottles anymore!

Of course the only things left now is the pricing and the taste.

The pricing for the machines is $99, which is I guess ok since it’s a one time thing. As for the flavors are $5 per 50 Eight-once servings. Which I don’t think is very cheap. Also I read some reviews and it seems like it doesn’t taste exactly like the brand name flavors and probably taste more then diet drinks.....mmm what?? 

MMM I guess no thanks if it’s taste like diet soda.. because I don’t drink diet soda. Although I would still give it a try if there’s testing table. To see if I really like it. & I might consider it if it DOESN’T taste like diet soda!!!

Would you try Soda Stream? Do you think it’s worth it? 
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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. if you like soda, i think that is a great alternative because you know what is in the soda you make. or you can make sparking water.


  2. My boyfriend wants to buy this for his dad for Christmas but I keep trying to talk him out of it because I think after using it a couple of times the novelty will wear off and it will just be another dust collector!