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Happii 11/11/11 BlackFridayShopping +MSS ( Mag Scan Spam)

Hi Lovelies! TGIF,  & not only it’s Friday, it’s also once in a life time 11/11/11! 

Seriously, usually I’m not into hype of any of this type of thing.. like.. 11/11/11.. so what? but after a while, it just seems so interesting & I am the type of person who like to celebrates special days in my life. i think that’s what makes life more fun! 

So as we all know, thanksgiving is approaching.. and for my family, we don’t really do anything big or nice for thanksgiving. Therefore, to me, thanksgiving just means SHOPPING! haha.. I have actually never been to an all night black friday shopping. But ! I think I will do it this year! At least I want to anyway. I been so busy, I need a shopping break! So, as of now, I’m kinda stuck to WHERE to shop?

Of course there’s the obviously places like mall or outlet.. For mall, I would get to shop more cheaper brands, which means more clothes! For the outlet, it’s more expensive brands, but probably some great deals ( since price is higher, the overall saving is higher too!) But of course, the overall money spent will be higher.. so I don’t know... mmmm... 

Do you have any good suggestion on where to shop or how to shop on Black Friday Tips?

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  1. ahhh black friday!! i think i've only gone out for black friday 3-4 times my entire life. i just can't stand it lol tbh if you go to the mall the night before thanksgiving (wed) most of the stuff is already on sale! so u kinda get 1st pick on all the stuff & don't need to fight any1 for your size hahahaha XD

  2. Wal-mart compares prices if you don't want to go to twenty different places at the same time. Target, Best Buy, JcPenny's, Radioshack, and my most favorite is Bath and Body Works, but i don't think they do the selling at night. Have fun!

  3. i kind of am excited for this black friday!

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  4. You are like me...my family doesn't even eat turkey for thanksgiving! My mom makes only Chinese food. I don't really go to the black friday sales, although this year I am tempted to hunt down a dslr so let's see if I can get a good deal! The newspaper is always a great place to start looking for deals!

  5. Have never celebrated Thanksgiving since it's only an American celebration, but I think it's pretty cool...any sort of celebration is fun :D