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TGIF MSS! mag scan yooo~ Kawaii !

Hi Lovelies! Sorry for the lack of post. I am planning to do a video this weekend. Although it seems highly impossible because my weekend is totally packed. But I really don’t want 2 stop making videos! O... which reminds me that I never got 2 edit my music videos.. aiii

So I was hoping to do some more movie reviews, only to realized I can’t because I never finish any of the movies that I watch recently.. haha.. Also, sometimes I am kind of lazy to do review on lame movies... = = unless it’s SUPER lame.. then I really have to complain about it! lol 

Anyways today is Friday ( YAY!)  today’s mag is from august, but still good right? ^^ 

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. Four cuties in this magazine scan. Looking forward to your next video and all other material you're working on.


  2. thanks for the scans hun!! always love looking at them XD