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Hi Lovelies ! How are you doing? I’m starting 2 see people receiving their iphones and kinda regret that I didn’t re-order earlier.. aii.. oh wellz. I plan to order tmr after I go into the store and see it. Although I feel like I’m def going to get it, so I don’t know why I have see it first? But, I guess it’s in my nature, I trust my own eyes! hahah

& I been playing PoupeeGirl for the past 2 days! I have to say it’s a little addictive.. just a little.. haha.. I haven’t uploaded any photos yet.. if you are playing.. add me! ^^ 

poupeegirl fashion brand community

well, today is Friday, so as usual, here are the MSS! 
Sorry that it’s an old mag again, but better than nothing right ^^ 

What if your favorite Mag? Do you Play the PoupeeGirl Game? 
 Leave a comment to show that you care!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. oh you play poupee girl as well, i didn't really get what to do so i stopped haha ;(

  2. @Chloe Nghiem : O.. I only played for 2 days! But I guess u can earn ribbons by uploading photo of clothes and commenting on other people’s clothes n stuff =P & then U can buy the visual clothes with the ribbon $! hehe

  3. You're gonna want the 4S definitely! My friend is a poupee addict, but I've never played. I don't want to get sucked in lol. Thanks for the Egg, I'm going to download.

  4. Hitomi,

    Found your site from your comment at Cheesie's.

    You might be lucky not ordering an iPhone4S.

    The Nexus was just introduced and has more features than the 4S, among them are a much better screen, better battery life to name a few.

    BTW iPhone do not have user replaceable batteries, that means a costly trip to the Apple store.

    Anyone can change a Android phones battery.

    Now, have to read more about you...