IPHONE 4S Eve !!!!

HI Lovelies! As we all know Iphone is coming out tomorrow!!!!! But think again if you plan 2 wake up in the morning to line up!  Because the lines to go into the store started LONG TIME AGO! wow. I’m pretty sure I can only get them via Pre-Order now @_@ !!

Canada :




Interesting enough I did not find any crazy picture for USA. =P Can you find any?

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. I'm SOOOOOOOO excited!! But only because of the price drop on iPhone 4 because I need a new phone LOL! It's absolutely insane how well this phone has done already! 1 MILLION pre-orders, wtf!?!? I'm actually kind of shocked to see such a massive line in Japan! I honestly thought that iPhone was never really popular there (again, surprising to me). I kind of wish I thought to stop by the mall today to see if anyone was waiting around... I'll just ask my boyfriend to snap a picture of the Apple Store in Palo Alto when he goes to work tomorrow! :) I think he said he's going to try and sneak off from work to go play with it XDD

  2. i'm going to wait a while before i get this~

  3. i couldn't believe the lines this morning at my country!!!! actually i was a bit jealous cause i have a blackberry, but next purchase is deff. gonna be an Iphone!


  4. @ katie: 1 million pre-order? omgish! I did not know that! that’s amazing!

    @ Ken: =P pre order la!!

    @ Teresa: My next phone is IPhone also!!!!! hehehe ( but i’m not going to wait inline = = )

    xoxo Hitomineko xoxo

  5. dammmnnn iphones are so popular!! xD
    my mum asked me if i wanted one, but i ended up buying a HTC instead~ im pretty content with my phone, not really into Apple products. ><

  6. I'm gonna wait for commentssss before get myself an iphone 4S.. =)