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Horrible Bosses Movie Review

Hi Lovelies! Sorry that I didn’t post a MSS post on friday~ I was sick >_< eeee... n I thought an extra day to stay at home would make my weekend longer. but not so much! It fly by SOO quickly! ... haha..

Well anyways, today I’m doing a movie review~

Horrible Bosses, is pretty hilarious. It’s funny because it’s not completely dumb, but it’s not smart either.. lol..Just thinking about it makes me laugh =D

So basically the plot is about 3 guys who hate their bosses to a point they wish to kill them. One boss is a torture psycho, the other is totally self centered, last is a sex addict. 

Of course, they’re not “ dumb” they know they might get caught, so they decided to hire a hit man. Things of course gone unexpected. The characters seems realistically dumb rather than “acted” dumb like many comedy acts. Which is what made it funny. It also includes some sexual jokes but in a less/non-boob flashing way. Which I appreciate more. I think we can all enjoy some adult jokes without porno, am I right?

There are more and more we see advertisements in movies & sometimes it can be annoying. In this one I see ads for VW Jetta and Toyota Prius. Interestingly, they don’t necessary show you how bad ass the car is with the “ ad” Instead they make fun of it, and I like that. 

Overall I give this movie 4.5 stars. It’s hilarious and I would watch it again. I think so many trailers now ( comedy or not) always makes the movie better than it looks, which often disappoints me when I finally watched the movie. This movie, did not disappoint! Watch it & laugh ^^ 

Here is the Trailer: 

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  1. thanks for the review. i love comedies, so i thing i'm gonna love this movie :)

  2. Hi there!

    Good choice! sound really funny, so maybe i'll watch it soon n_n.

    Bunny kisses (' x ') <3

  3. Love this movie, its really fun :)

  4. i loved this movie!! it was so funny. jen aniston was so hilarious!!! i really liked the actors in it.

  5. oh i watched this, it funny (: i like the dentist job XD

    CMPang x

  6. I saw this movie 2 weeks ago! I thought it was hilarious! :)