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Dubai Loyal Wedding Fashion !

Hi Lovelies! I was going to post a MSS post last friday but then I think I ran out of magazines! lol 

but yeah today I’m going to share with you some awesome wedding dresses!

Aren’t they so beautiful! I love them so much! 

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. WOW! Those wedding dresses are stunning! I think I pictured my face on every dress! lol

  2. that's so pretty, wish my wedding dress will be this beautiful ;o


  3. ohf iohio hoiew oiQO omggggg!! those wedding dresses are amazingggg!!! >w< i want oneeee!!!!! i bet they cost heaps of money though @@ when i was a kid i wanted to design wedding dresses because i thought i'd be rich from it xD

  4. they are extravagant!