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Another reason why I don’t want 2 live in China - China Toddler tragic run over

Hi Lovelies,  I was going to do a Movie review today, but recently I saw this video and I just can’t help but want to post about it.

Come to think about it, the last time I post something I felt really disgusting was also from China. I never actually live in China, only visited. When I visited there, I felt the way people drive was really crazy, especially their attitude toward other pedestrians or drivers. Just for a short time being there, I saw this driver turning into a small entrance and not even slowing down. He almost hit the person riding the bicycle. Instead of being apologetic, the driver was angry at the bicycle rider. I cannot believe or understand their way of thinking?!

After reading some comments in CNN news page. I can “kind of” understand why Chinese people who live in China reacts that way toward others. They’re not fortunate to have laws protecting them. They’re afraid that once they touch the victim, they’ll be accused of being liable for the injury. Maybe I still don’t understand enough about their law to understand why they can’t just call the police? They don’t even have to touch the person. Just call the authorities to help? ( I think most times that would work...except when times like the other accident I heard before where a girl almost died from a hit a run, and when the by standers call the ambulance & the DRUNK ambulance driver killed the girl and running her over... )

Previously, I also saw a Chinese Drama with a plot depicting how a group of poor people got rich because  by car accident scams. Also,  I don’t think it’s in the CNN video, but when the Chinese media interview the drivers who ran over the girl, he said that in China when someone is injured, you pay perhaps 100 thousands RMB, but when someone dies, you only pay perhaps 10 thousands RMB. Therefore, you probably rather have someone die than injured....!!!!!!!!!!!?????

I don’t understand the Chinese law, but we know the citizens don’t make much, under such high difference in penalty. I can understand why a lot of people would turn the other way or choose to do wrong to save themselves? Sometimes we do get to put in a situation where we think what we do might not be 100% right. In this case, it may seem it’s so easy to do the right thing but how can so many people choose to do wrong? I believe people are still generally good. ( that’s why the old grandma helped out) I believe they act the way they do for a reason, perhaps because of the laws, government and therefore influence the teachings to the young, to avoid trouble and look the other way. 

I’m of course not saying what they do is right. When I imagine myself in that situation, I think if the society is that messed up and I’m afraid to get myself into trouble for helping people, the least I can do is call the ambulance. 

Whenever I see posting like this, there’re always some group of people believe that “ we should do something” instead of just being here and complain about it online. However, honestly I don’t think most of us can do anything about this situation. The only thing I can do, is teach my future children, to not only be smart, but be a loving person as well. 

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  1. I think theres parts of China that are actually acceptable to live in though.. =/ i know theres many parts of the world who kill people for entertainment and such like. It's so cruel :( I know a site called theync.com that show all these videos of murders, accidents, etc. Never checked it out myself though, I rather not ==" it sounds so horrible.

    But I feel so sorry for those kind-hearted people living in China that fear for their lives. :(

  2. This is terrible :O

  3. I saw this on Twitter on Tuesday!! This is the most tragic thing I've EVER seen and it makes my heart ache to see this.. and my bf just watched it so it made it even worse T___T;; I want to live in China but I'm so depressed to know that this sort of thing happens and this is how people react~

  4. You are so gorgeous. Love your style and blog so much. Please follow my blog...

    ♥Love from Antalya♥


  5. This news was so huge that even while on holiday, I could catch the news on BBC/CNN. It truly is upsetting and I feel so sorry for the little girl. I'm angry, but not just at those people who walked by, but at humanity in general. It doesn't just happen in China even though this news made it big enough for the world to scrutinize China once more. It happens every where. Search for social experiments on YouTube and you'll see the bystander effect happens everywhere even in first world countris like the US and the UK.
    It makes me so sad that these are the times we live in...