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New Video !

Hi Lovelies! Today I am posting a new video!

Actually I had this video for weeks! but It’s been super busy for me & I was actually thinking of re-filming.. but after a week or so, I realize, I probably will never have the time to re-film.. ( or at least not anytime soon).. so Here it is!!!

Before I was also talking about another video that I was editing ( that I have no time to edit for). Actually, it’s somewhat a “music” video.. haha.. but anyway, no time to edit that yet until probably Wednesday~~~ Please stay tuned for that. 

I will update my previous post about the Shoes Auction~ & will probably also post new Auction items if I clean up more. =) hehe

xoxo Hitomineko xoxo 


  1. Awesome stuff, young lady! Each item sparkles as beautifully as you do. You're certainly a deco diva with these lovely pieces. Lovely hair and cute face and smile, as always. :)


  2. So cute video!! *o* You're so talented!!!

  3. @john: Thx, such nice comment as usual =)

    @ Nenacho! : THank U <3 <3

  4. i'd be too scared to use the lens case! it's just too pretty!! XD haha~ your decos are so sparkly and cute!! *-* i want it all! LOL

  5. @Fern: Thx love! =D ur comment made me happy hehe

  6. you rock at deco...<3