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Makeup Contest! Please support, Please vote!

Hi Lovelies! 

Recently I joined a Makeup Contest! I never really consider myself to be good with makeup, so I never thought I would do something like this! 

The host of the contest is a makeup artist! She’s currently in Oahu, HI. So if you live in Hawaii or if you are going to visit there for a wedding etc, you can possibly look her up as your makeup artist ! 

Thank you so much Lovelies! 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo 


  1. My best wishes are with you. Hope you win this thing.


  2. WOAH That is some awesome makeup! Reminds me of Lady Gaga's Hello Kitty photoshoot! Good luck and hope you win the contest! :)

  3. @ John: Thx for voting!!!

    @ LauraLeia : Thank U !

  4. i voted for you it looks awesome ^u^

  5. You look so gorgeous with that!! I love it!!

  6. I've looked through all the entries and yours has got to be the most creative! Good luck! Definitely voted for you :D