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Louboutin Fall 2011

Hi Lovelies! Today I want to do a quick post for some shoe finds! I hope to do more fashion post now ~ Hope you’ll like them ! 

We must all heard of Louboutin! It seems every A list celeb must have. I know I won’t be able to afford it. but I think looking at high end designs really helps us spot similar trends when we go shopping. 

Here are some styles that I fall in love with for the day ! 

I’m always attracted to anything lacy!

The black one is just as fab & more sexy!

Leopard print can never b out of style! 

Edgy! Love <3

Lovely! Love the purple and gold intertwine! love! 

Some bags that can go with it ~ this one probably would go with edgy style, but also quite classy too 

This one is def edgy ~ 

I think it’s interesting to emphasis the embellishment at the shoulder instead of the bag. Have to be more careful of what clothes you match it with though!!

Like the fashion post? Watch out for more in the future!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. cuteeee!!! looking forward to more fashion posts :)


  2. omg i love them!!! i wish i was a celebrity so i could pull them off hehe

  3. Don't you just wish that we had an infinite cash filled wallet? I want a pair of Loubboutin's myself! The bags are crazy and I LOVE IT!


  4. I love them!!! The boots are great!! but that bag is... is.... so glamurous!! *o*

    Hhahaha I'm sorry, my English is not so good!! hahaha I meant a regular tape!! ^o^

  5. @april: yay! Thank U !

    @ShinyPrettyThings: =D me 2

    @ Chloe: Oh yeah for sure! ~~~~~~ I Hope to have a pair one day!

    @Nenacho: =D !! Yeah, i never thought their bags would be so amazing too~

  6. Maybe I'm simplistic, but I'm surely fond of the minimalistic black ankle boots. I also love the purple/gold sandals as well. Those are the two I like most of these Louboutins.