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TGIF! it’s MSS ( mag scan spam) DAY!!! + Gaga Video + Updates!

Hi Lovlies! It’s Friday! Yay! As you know the result for my giveaway has already been chosen.. however, I haven’t got a reply mail yet from the winner.. MMMmmmmmm.... so I don’t know, we’ll see what happens =)

Also, I’m planning to do another video! I was so stupid & forgot to film it yesterday when I got home. I didn’t realize it until I already did apply all my skin care on my face.. haha... so I thought ok.. maybe tmr... hehe.

Before I show you the MSS, I want to share with you Lady Gaga’s new Music Video!

When I watched it the first tme, I honestly didn’t understand it. I also felt the MV was more edgy then the music so I didn’t think it match very well. However, I saw someone’s comment saying that the MV is about Gaga being a mermaid and the guy love her so much he made her a woman. However, she left but now she’s back, n she’s not leaving without him.

So I watched it a second time, and I think it makes sense! So I kinda love it now. & I also love her green hair.. lol I don’t know why, I never love anyone’s green hair before.. There’s just something about her that makes you love her no matter what she looks like...

Here are the mag scan for the week~~ Enjoy!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

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  1. lady gaga is amazing no matter how crazy she appears, i think this mv is really out there, like all her others are :)

    thanks for the scans btw! i still have a few i haven't looked through properly from your previous scans :| haha


  2. lol lady gaga's videos are always over the top

  3. Haha I watched the video but I don't really understand it either. If you hadn't put your friend's explanation up I'd be lost still. Her videos are kinda out there, but the song is really good :) And thanks so much for the scans!