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Ridiculous China Tragic : Train Wrack + More

Hi Lovelies. How are you? I hope you’re doing well. Unfortunately today I want to share with you some tragic news.

If you haven’t heard already. China had a seriously train wrack on July 23rd 2011 in WenZhou.

The train wrack is not the MOST tragic part of the story. What got me the sleepless night was when I learned the details after the crash.

So what happen was that the first train had some kind of malfunction and stopped on the rail. ( Person in Charge claim it is because of lighting) The Second train did not get the correct signal and slam head-on to the first train. I am not sure exactly how many trains were damaged.

In the following video, you will see imitation of what happen during the accident. The train department is blaming it on lighting. However, it is actually not un-common for lighting to struck on trains. When the train entered the station, it stopped for 25 minutes instead of 1 minute. Also, the 2nd train was later found out suppose to be ahead of the first train. Many people believe the accident happen because of mis-management. NOT because of lighting. 

After an accident, you would think that the only thing they can do now is save the remaining survivors.

But NO! Whoever was in charged decided that the most important thing was to continue operation of trains! Therefore, they decided to PUSH THE DAMAGED TRAINS DOWN BEFORE THEY PULL OUT ALL THE PEOPLE.


They did pulled out a few survivors, but they claim they used a "machine" that detects life & from that machine, it has already “ proven” that there is no more life activity on the train & therefore, then can PUSH THE TRAIN DOWN?!?!?!?

Well, anyone would know that we cannot depend 100% on a machine for a decision such as this. Also, it doesn’t make any sense to NOT pull out all the people even if they’re dead. Am I right?

Also, an innocent child almost DIED because they claim the stupid machine works! A police officer who was there before they push down the train insist that they must find more survivors or that they cannot push the train down. He ran in and saved a 2 years old little girl who was buried below 2 adults ( her life activity was not able to be detected by the machine because she was buried!!!). So tell me, you think 100% there are no other children possibility alive and could’ve been saved? I DON’T THINK SO!

A man who survived is was trying to voice his opinion for his lost in this crash. Basically, when he was rescued, he told the rescue team that his 7 month pregnant wife and 3 other family members are still in the train. The rescue team REFUSED to save anyone because they say according to the machine, there are no more life activity on the train. 20 hours later ( after they push down the train and try to bury the train) They were able to find the remain of his wife, but her corpse was disfigured due to THE DIGGING MACHINE <= NOT because of the crash. ( Her head was cut in half...., I feel extremely sad for them..)

However, in the following video, it says that he was forced to “ shut up” because he was told that if he don’t “shut up” there might not be “cure” for his last surviving family member in the hospital.

According to above video, many people’s blog sites in China also got shut down for criticizing the Person in Charge’s improper way of dealing with the whole accident.

If this happen dated back 30 years ago, maybe we wouldn’t know any of this. I guess thank God for the internet & media, the Chinese Government has to face the world and give ( especially the people of China) some explanation.

Although the explanation is probably nothing that will comfort any of us. Basically, they are giving a lot of excuses of why the accident happen. Changing stories & now claiming that it’s the second train’s operation problem. Of course, no evidence now since the 2 operators in the second train both died & they’ve bury the train! & as for the surviving girl, they said it was a “ miracle”

Which is all BULLSHIT!

1) If it was a truly accident, why did they have to push the train down & bury it?! We’re not idiots! We know they’re trying to bury the evidence! <== How can they damage the evidence while providing no proof of the cause of accident?!

2) It is NOT a “ Miracle” that the girl survived! Obviously the shit machine they used DID NOT work! Any human being with a soul would know that we should pull out EVERYONE, dead, injured or alive, before doing ANYTHING with the train!

3) How is the continue operation of the train ANY kind of importance compare to HUMAN LIVES? The train is reportedly dropped to only 30% of capacity in usage, which is actually a surprising # for me. I would think should be only 1% ... MAYBE???? <== think how horrifiying it would be to see the damaged trains down the valley while you’re riding on the train..& knowing there are probably ( most likely) innocent people dead ‘cause they freaking push down the train?

4) They’re offering money for family members who lost their family in the crash. & if you agree to the payment EARLY ON then they will give you extra BONUS. <== WTH? you just want to shut people’s mouth with MONEY?

5) They fail to provide proper number of deaths. <== The customers need to purchase the ticket with their ID, therefore, it should be easy to get the exact number of passenagers within the train. However, they do not provide these numbers. Instead, they give you a low number of deaths ( currently only admitting for less then 100 deaths while there should be about 600 passengers) and “ missing people” 


So after all these horrible news, what is there to do now? 


Well, here comes another story with a girl who’s only 20 years old ( Kou Mei Mei?). claiming to be the General Manager of Business Affair for China RED CROSS!!

Why is this shocking? Of course not just because she’s only 20 and don’t know what she’s doing. She also post pictures of herself with Maserati, Mini Cooper & Various Hermes Bags! <== Cars in general are way more expensive then they are in US. Not to mention the average salary is way lower... so for her  at age 20, working for RED CROSS & Afford Maserati?..... 

So now, as far as I know, China Red Cross only received $100 RMB for the Train Crash because everyone believe their donations are just going to support some rich spoiled girl?

Now, the girl & her mother went on this talk show, trying to give an explanation.. which I don’t know what to believe.. but basically saying that all the stuff she have are gifts from her “Dad” ( not real dad, but just friends <== whatever that means) & her mom also got rich from Stocks <== which is the same excuse all rich people trying use to explain their suspicious wealth. 

People also looked into the Stocks the mother talked about & felt that if she was really able to gain that much money from the stocks in the 90’s she should have been famous already... 

I don’t know what to believe, I think either they’re lying, or trying to get famous (since the girl is suppose to be an actress wannabe..)

Overall, it’s just something very sad, I don’t know what I can do to help. As a blogger, I guess I can only spread the news and hopefully either someone out there is able to help or the power of the people is able to change some things here. 

Do you believe the Train Crash was an accident or mismanagement? 

Do you think the people did the right move by stop donation to China RED CROSS? 



  1. I am so sorry to hear about this tragedy, that is absolutely shocking.

    My heart goes out to those who were seriously injured or passed away <3



  2. Oh dear, this train crash story somewhat reminds me of a terrible train crash that happened in my country a couple of years ago. It also happened just outside a train station, and one train driver either didn't notice the sign, or the signs didn't work properly, which caused two trains to crash into each other. Unlike the situation in China, police and medics were there as fast as possible, helping as many people as they possibly could, But unfortunately, many people lost their lives and their loved ones. It caused a lot of ruckus here, especially at our national railway company, who have since tried to improve their signalling and emergency system.

    I agree with you that something in the story you've told sounds awfully wrong. I don't want to blame the train driver, but the police and the rescuers are definitely to be blamed for doing their job half-assed. Their job is to help people, and obviously, they didn't. And indeed, so many years ago we wouldn't even have known about this, but with new media that's not the case. Maybe by covering this story in the media, some things could change. As sad as it might sound, no one likes bad publicity. It's too bad people first have to die before something can happen.

  3. I didn't know this happened. This is so horrible :S It's like they don't care about the people involved with the accident!
    And I agree with you, can you call this an accident?!

    And WTH about that 20 years old manager of china red cross... :/

    My heart goes out to all the people involved in this tragedy :(


  4. Omg. I am so disgusted by this. Thank you for sharing this story.

  5. I'm disgusted at these China people, especially when I'm Chinese as well.. I don't even understand their way of thinking and doing things.. ughhh I just wished there was a way to slap some sense into them so they can be more mindful of their horrible actions.


  6. wow that is so messed up obviously its not an accident and they are trying to cover it up i feel sorry for those who were injured and passed away and those who survived must have it tough too

  7. omg this is such a tragic accident!!! even worse is how they handled it. its so sad that there are so many unethical people trying to make money off ppl's kind efforts to donate. because of this, less & less ppl are willing to donate to those that ACTUALLY need help. i really pray that survivors will recover successfully. thanks for sharing this!

  8. I am completely, utterly appalled at China's lack of effieciency! But it doesn't surprise me at all. I've seen first hand on how they've handled many situations and they've absolutely no clue as to what the hell they are doing. I'm Chinese myself and have family back in the "Motherland". There's so much corruption and unchecked injustices running amok there. China is fast becoming a power house but I still have absolutely no trust or confidence in ANYTHING they do!

    Prayers for the injured and dead so they can heal and go on with their lives.

  9. Ugh.. I'm really sad to hear about this.. It makes my heart break! How can they push the train down before they took out the people? I'm sure many of them were still alive.. It's horrible, and cold and beyond me.
    My thoughts are with the people that have been touched by this in any way. :(

  10. That is a very tragic incident. I was very upset when I first read it, plus it was also around the time news came out about the Norway incident.

    May I ask where it says that they "pushed" the train off the rails before rescue operations? That's very odd...how did the "push" it? According to reports, it was a collision that caused it to fall off the bridge.

  11. @ Joey: If you google/youtube, you’ll c chinese news reporter saying that they were “ pushing” the trains down in order to clean the ways for the operating trains. I don’t know exactly how, maybe they use the digger or something. & They push it when they claim there are NO MORE LIFE ACTIVITY on the train.

    @Ceci: Yes, it is tragic

    @Angie: I feel the same. Prayers 2 those who got effected.

    @ShinyPrettyThings: I agree. Can’t believe those black hearted people

    @Kawaiiberri92: =( Yes, me 2

    @Chole: I want 2 slap some sense into them too!!!!

    @Shop & Chop: NP.

    @MayClover: Me 2

    @Bibi: True. I hope by this horrible experience Something will change into positive.

    @Ashleigh Duncan: me 2