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MSS (mag scan spam) Day !

Hi Lovelies! TGIF! it’s MSS Day!

Part of me is still hanging on the tragic news I post yesterday. If you have time, please read

As for today, I’m sharing with you some awesome Mags! 

Hope you enjoy them 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo 

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  1. Is that a Hershey's bar mirror in one of those scans? Those are some unique looking boots with the second scan, just not as unique as those unique (yet dangerous) platform boots Japanese girls wore back in the early 2000s. Lovely scans!


  2. Hi Hitomi! I read your post about the tragic even in China, my parents and I talked about it and we can't believe those people! I have so much I could say about it but I rather save my breath because you've already said them with your post, thank you so much for posting that up! Thanks for the scans btw! Have you taken out your speedy for some air lately? If so I'd love to see an outfit shot! =D

  3. I like the outfits.

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