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X Men First Class Movie Review

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 So today I am going to do a movie review, I actually saw this a little while back I think...~ In case you haven’t notice ( which I think it’s really hard NOT to notice) there are A LOT of super hero movies lately. I blame spiderman I guess. ( Although I do like spiderman!) There are of course a share of super hero movies that I don’t like ....

 Unlike many other sequel movies, X Men First Class is not a “ sequel” to the previous movies. It goes back to the beginning of how X men started. When the professor was still young...

I did not read X Men growing up ( In my defense, I say it is a guy comic?) So I don’t know the story but 1 of the memorable character was the blue girl.. ( because she’s blue... ) 

In this movie, you get to see how she become from good to evil. The struggles she went through, many things we can actually relate to. I wouldn’t say it’s very sophisticated movie, but deep enough to either teach or remind us of important things in life.

It is also about how everyone was trained to better control their powers. 

Special Effect wise, it’s definitely awesome nothing much to complain about

One funny thing is that everything looks so high tech except the tv is still so small and in black and white . ( It is suppose to be in the Kennedy’s age) 

I guess the only thing I would kinda of complain about is costume design. Which I think is often problematic with super hero movies. Since they want to stick with the original costumes. ( & I guess, if I known the story I would feel it’s awkward if they change the costume) but often I would see designs that are “ obviously” directly came from a comic and in turn made the movie much less realistic. 

Tell me if you think you’re going to take this bad guy seriously with that “comic” helmet...

( The guy on left have some serious/obvious work done on his face.. I remember watching him when I was little, and he had MUCH more wrinkles back then! )

Overall I rate this movie 4.2 stars. I thought it was great to see a X Men not focus on that 

Wolverine guy anymore. =P Although he did appear for a total of maybe 5 seconds? & his only line was “ F*** Off “... after seeing Lindsay Lohan’s 18 second youtube commercial for 25k... I am pretty sure Hugh Jackman got a load for that 5 seconds too! lol.. 

Have you watch the movie? 

Would you watch it?

xoxo HitominNeko xoxo



  1. I know this blog post is a movie review, but let me just hope you get your car repaired or something. Best wishes and kindest regards to you, beautiful Hitomi! :)


  2. oooh, I definitely want to watch this! I love X Men and played a lot of the games and stuff xP

  3. i really love this movie to~i already watch it!

  4. i liked it! all the girls r hot!!

  5. i recently had car troubles myself! a nail in two tires. sucks!

  6. great review! still haven't watched this. *feels uber left out :((

  7. wow love the movie to~
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  9. I hate having trouble with the car:P My car is actually really good but sometimes weird things happen, like a few weeks ago when my back window broke:P

  10. I hope your car gets fixed really soon! Glad I don't own a car yet cause I know this will be annoying :(


  11. there are so many movies i have yet to see! this would be one of them! thanks for the review!