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TGIF! The new official MSS (MagScanSpam) Day !

Hi Lovelies! It’s Friday! yay! I keep wanting to have this post with a video. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to make it yet. ( & of course there’s editing after.. blah blah)... Although I hate to not blog, so I will give you some extra mag scans today ^^ 

Maybe I should make it Official to have all Fridays as my Mag Scan day? 

Leave a comment if you agree! 

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xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

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  1. dear, how to download the mag scan?

  2. Do whatever makes you happy and whatever makes this blog even more "sugoi" than it already is. I'd be scared to encounter a turkey like in the second scan, though.


  3. @ AQMA HI Love~

    just click on the link and download the scan!

    u can either join premium for fast download Or download 4 free with the slower download!

    @John : lol =P thx

  4. yay mag scan fridays! thanks for sharing the mag dear! :3

  5. Kyaa thank you so much for sharing this!! *o* I wanted to see Popteen so much!!

  6. ur amazing for sharing the mag scans! :) thanks so much!!

  7. Thanks for the scans! Can't wait to read the Kera one


  8. thanks for sharing, i got this already though,
    btw do you mind follow me back? :)

  9. Thanks for sharing these scans! I think that's so cute and sweet you want to blog so much but I totally understand when you don't have your "blog" material ready! It happens to all of us so don't worry about it! =D

    Wah! I totally agree that the Azur patter is hard to use as a daily bag, in fact I don't think I could lol My friend has the azur speedy and she stopped using it when summer ended, I think Im going to do that too lol it rains too much in my city to risk it and I take public transit too =( If you don't mind me asking, which bag do you have? =D

  10. @Suki Pooki: =P Thxx~ Me hv the monogram speedy bag =P ~

    @Cominica-ai: I followed back ^^

    @Mie: hope you enjoy them ^^

    @Meow: Ur welcome ^^

    @Nenacho : Yeah~~ ! it looks very good =P

    @Sugar Sugar: ^_^ goodie goodie

  11. i say, post whatever makes you happy! these scans are super cute :)