Hi Lovelies! It’s friday again! wow! Times goes by super fast! =) so once again it’s MSS ( Mag Scan Spam Day!) 

I realized that this week all I did was picture post. Of course, because I been busy this week~ =P so I didn’t have time to produce some other post~ But I am hoping to get my video out by tomorrow! So Please stay tuned for that! ^o^

What’s Your favorite magazine so far? 

What kind of Post or Videos would You like to See from Me ^o^

Leave a message to show that U Care! <3

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

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  1. Just take your time with everything, Hitomi. No need to rush. I do like these magazine scans from you here. Three very cute (kawaii) ladies on these magazine covers.

    As a person who operates independently, feel free to post a video on whatever you like. Whatever touches your heart. Whatever you feel you need to express the most. I will surely support you with my respect for your work regardless.

  2. Thanks for these scans! TGIF = MSS is an awesome idea ^^ haha

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments and the follow.

    Your blog is so cute, I love it.

    I love the first magazine cover - really adorable.

    I'm gonna check out your giveaway just now - so exciting! Have a lovely weekend.


  4. LOVE THE TOP..on the girl on the 2nd cover....:)
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xx

  5. Oh... these girls are so beautiful and cut! *jealous*

  6. I'm so freaking jealous of you! Where do you get your gyaru magazines from??? :DD

    I just followed you!! XD follow me back??