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New Deco ^^

Hi Lovlies! I finally got around to post my Deco pixx! yay!!!

Please visit my shop for more details! 

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Simple Enough? =) 

It’s the weekend, so expect some Food Porn sometime soon! hehe 


xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. The mirror looks so pretty and princess-like!~ ^^ I love it~ <3 You're so skilled at deco-ing~ ><

  2. @MiMi: Thank U ^^ <3

  3. holy moly so cuteee >u<

  4. Hey Hitomi! These are adorable!! It makes me want to dec out my anna sui mirror but then again, I feel so silly buying a real one T_T Thanks for entering my giveaway sweetie! <3

  5. SO SO SO CUUUUUTE! I luurve deco stuff, even though I don't have anything deco-ed lawls :P
    Also, I love your new layout and shizzle! ^^

  6. so pretty!!! soooo cute! :3 you are so good at making deco stuff dear!

  7. oh wow!! these are super cute!! you are a deco genius!!

  8. I love the mirror! So pretty! Oh, I really like your banner for the giveaway. You're so talented

  9. @Joey: Thank U So much ! ^^ Thank U for entering the Giveaway ^ ^

    @ Saving Capulet: Thank U~~~ I’m flattered ^^

    @ Sugar Sugar: hehe. Thank U ~ glad you like them ^^

    @ LIzzie: Thanks~~~ =P Glad you like them

    @Marjolein: Yay~ Thank U !

    @Kawaiiberri92: =D hehe, glad you like them !

  10. Ahhh you're so talented as this *___*! I wish I could do stuff like this ;P tehehe

  11. such cute bling bling stuff!

  12. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!!!! Your blog is so cute and so you are!! *___* I watched your youtube channel a little and I must say I totally loved it!! *___*