How to Achieve Baby Soft Smooth Skin

Hi Lovelies! I uploaded a new video ! This time is beauty related. It’s pretty simple and short. I am still learning.. so I am keeping them short for now. Hope you like it and support by Sub & Like! & Plz also drop a comment if you like ^^

I personally played the background music. Hope to make it more personal ^^ Hope you Like it ~

Thanks Lovelies! 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. I love products that give me a more even skintone~

    I love your eye makeup btw ^_^

  2. Is it possible to be both eye candy AND ear candy at the same time? Reason why I ask is... you look and speak sweetly in this video (as well as in your others). If I could probably make a suggestion, I would maybe not make the background music so loud. It is a lovely song playing, but I think it could have been recorded at maybe a lower volume or maybe not played too loud.

    Otherwise, another nice video and blog post! :)

  3. @ PopBlush : Glad you like it Thx <3

    @John: Really ~~~~~ maybe I speak a little too soft sometimes ~~~ =P Do you feel the music is too loud all the time? Or just sometimes?

  4. Love your video :D
    Subscribe you dear! ^^

  5. Your voice is fine. No problem with the volume of your voice. When I say "played/recorded too loud" in regards to the music, you start hearing kind of a scratchy sound when you listen to something too loud or if something is played/recorded too loud. Your first two videos have the music recorded at an acceptable volume. The music in those two were clear and wasn't recorded or played too loud. That's what I meant earlier in regards to the music. And as I said earlier, the background music is lovely. Well done! The song is as beautiful as you are. :)

  6. wow I really want to try a new face cream! >< This one looks really promising! (: & you have a xanga? I do too!! I never knew people still used it like me! >< hahaha~ But mine is private like a diary XD hahaha~ yayyyy! someone else has a xanga!! (:

  7. Hello Lovely!

    Thank you for the comment and warm welcome, of course I'm going to be your fallower ^_^

    This cream seems to be perfect, I have to buy it! Baby skin is my goal. Oh, and music in the background, I was very moved listening to this. I'can't wait for the next post!


  8. Tnx for comment :)
    Im following you too ;)

    PS I love your background music! <33

  9. youtube, subsribed!!! I LIKE your vid and your voice is kinda cute too =D

  10. your cute face is perfect for your cute voice! :)

  11. this seems like amazing product! thanks for the review. :3

    your teddy is so cute & fluffy! hi teddy! LOL! xD

  12. so cute!