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Casey Anthony Case

Hi Everyone. Originally I wanted to do a weekend blog post update, but instead I decided to do a post about the Casey Anthony Case. 

At first when I knew about the case, I didn’t think it would be such a focus on the news. I guess it got focused on because the fact that Casey was out and partying after she already knew her daughter is “ missing”. She lied about it to the police saying that a nanny had her child. The lie gets exposed very quickly as police found out there’s no such nanny. 

The verdict says Casey Anthony is not guilty because supposedly Caylee drowned in the pool and the father ( grandfather of Caylee) covering up the death because of whatever reason... which doesn’t make any sense at all... If Caylee was already dead.. why the hell did they duct taped the girl? & if they’re not mentally ill, then they must be evil to not call an ambulance when Caylee drowned.. I mean I wouldn’t be able to tell if a person is dead or just pass out.. can  you??

Casey Anthony also got a tatto: “Bella Vita” = Beautiful Life after her daughter Caylee’s disappearance. Really? A beautiful life? I guess they try to explain her absurd behavior based on her abused past. Which ok, maybe she was traumatized, but that doesn’t give her the license to kill! I don’t believe she didn’t kill her daughter because NO BODY would be HAPPY & OUT PARTYING when the daughter IS DEAD/MISSING! 

On top of that, she goes out partying and lies to people about her daughter’s whereabouts. She does not CARE for her daughter AT ALL! To a point, that I think is really disgusting! Her daughter is a human being! I would be crying just to know that a stranger little girl is dead, but if it’s someone I know? A family member? Even if I don’t like the person, I wouldn’t be able to go out partying... can you???

I think at the end they’re able to “win” the case because Caylee was so badly decomposed already when they found her, there’s not much evidence to directly prove who’s the murderer. But honestly.. DUCT TAPE ! PEOPLE! WHO DUCT TAPE DEAD PEOPLE? TELL ME? This case is making me very frustrated... that such a thing can happen. The only way I can see Casey as innocence is if she’s legally mentally insane and we can lock her up for the rest of her life in the mental hospital. ( & the father should be lock up too for covering everything up with her) 

Watch out... she’s coming out?!??!?! 

What do you think of the Casey Anthony Case? 



  1. Inexcusable. Insane. Incomprehensible. I don't know the full details of this whole deal (though you've done a great job to explain things), but on this context alone, that's terrible for her to be not guilty. Bad call by the jury of this case.


  2. yeah i keep hearing about this in twitter too =(

  3. I feel disgusted (at her and the Judicial system), especially since I'm a newly young Mom. I just don't understand how the jury ruled out all the evidence you basically pointed out. It saddens me really.

  4. wow I can't believe that she is "not guilty" why was there duct tape on the girl? this trial is just so abnormal.. that little girl is so cute too T__T

  5. mayn this is insane!!!! this wo rld is so unfair! i cant believe this crap! i hate how its a lil kid especially..... ARRGHHh

  6. I hope they decide do redo the case, because there is no reason why she should be put innocent when clearly all is pointing to her.

  7. Yeah I don't really know much about it because I don't have satellite anymore! ha ha but seeing just a couple of things and my grams explaining it to me a teeny tiny bit it is just insane! I seen this on the cover of a magazine but didn't pick it up.maybe i should have.. Its really sad!

  8. It seems a lot of people were upset by what happened but I don't watch television so I have no idea. x(

  9. @sugarsugar: OOo yeah I saw the news since the beginning. I was never like “ addicted” to it~ or anything but I was def surprised when they couldn’t find a strong enough evidence to find her guilty.

    @TheMissTwist : Yeah I think it’s pretty insane. I wish the govt took Caylee away from her before any of this happened

    @Classy Cute : I think so too. Even if she didn’t do it ( which I am not sure how she couldn’t have done it ) She must know who done it. So either way, she’s def guilty. Either guilty of murder or guilty of covering up murder.

    @BunnyLuverz: Yes. it is so sad. =(

    @MiMi: Yeah, the girl is very cute. Can’t believe this happen to her. RIP Caylee

    @Christinaa : it saddens me too. & wish the govt took Caylee away from her b4 all this happened!

    @kawaiiberri92: yep =(

    @John: From what I know, it is a hard case to proof, scientifically. Which I guess in a way I can understand why she might be found “ not guilty” but I do think it’s a little bit ridiculous to say she have NOTHING to do with the crime. I believe she either commit murder or help someone else covering up a murder ( maybe the father? who knows) I read a comment where someone said maybe she’s just too immature to act properly in this case. Which I think is ridiculous also. If she is so dumb to make an innocent accident look like a murder and DUCT TAPE A DEAD PERSON then she must be insane and should be locked up in a mental hospital.

  10. Omg terrible news :( !!

  11. Being in the UK, this of course has not received much coverage, but luckily I have some American friends and plenty of American blogs to read so I recently read up about it.

    Since the verdict is out, I will withold my opinion on whether or not Casey Anthony did or did not kill her daughter.
    What I want to condemn is her absurd behaviour which you have also mentioned. Her lying, her theft, her credit card frauds, her misinformation...all shows what kind of character she has.

    The duct tape bit also baffled me, but who am I to judge.

    One thing I would like to say, forensic science is still Very behind. Until we improve, a lot of cases like these will be hard to conclude.

  12. This is really sad...I seldom watch TV but I've read about this case and this case is really frustrating...my heart goes out for the little girl. I hope they re open the case and make a thorough investigation once again.

  13. Yes, I read about the news from Cari forum too. That's sooooo insane!! =(

  14. I pretty much ignored this case until I have customers and co-workers actually started talking about how she was found not guilty and I decided to read it up, and geez, I was literally disturbed by how this whole case went. I'm actually more annoyed for the fact that after the verdict, she shows up with a makeover, looking like she's ready to party once again. It's just disgusting to see such a parent like that existed.

    This is pretty much OJ Simpson #2. And if I read the timeline correctly, Casey Anthony investigation lasted longer than OJ Simpson's. Correct me if I'm wrong :X

    @ Classy Cute: I doubt there will be a redo for the trial, 'cause that's double jeopardy right there. It's sad, but there's really nothing that can be done. >_<