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Blenda, Gothic Lolita Bible & JJ Mag Scan!!!

Hi Lovelies! I reached over 200 followers today ! Whoo Whooo! Yay for me ❤ ❤ 
I would be doing a Giveaway if I weren’t already doing one already.. haha
Today I am actually a little depressed. But it’s ok, we still have to celebrate! This might not be super special, but it’s been a while since I post a Mag Scan post ^^ 
So today... to celebrate my 200++ followers... I will give you 3 mag scans! 


Hope you have a less crappy day then me =P 


xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. ive always wanted to read blenda, but it is not as popular as VIVI or popteen/cancam/jj/ray here in Canada, i cant never find on in Print~~~


  2. @Jessy: OOO then that’s great, hope u like it ^^

  3. I am a proud Follower of HitomiNeko. ^_^ As for being a bit depressed today, always remember that reading your blog and seeing your content is enough to cheer up anyone. Your sugar-sweet looks and amazing content is enough to turn anyone's frown upside down. Cheer up, young beauty! :) Hope this brightens your day some.

    By the way, lovely magazine scans and congratulations on 200+ Followers. I wish I had triple-digit (or more) Followers to my own blog. There's another thing to cheer up about- you have nearly five times as many Followers than I do.


  4. Anonymous7/13/2011

    You won a blog award on my blog! ♥

  5. this is interesting! :) congrats on 200++ followers doll!

  6. congrats on the 200+ followers!