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Alexander McQueen Fall 2011 & Update

Hi Lovelies ! TGIF! ^^ I originally was going to post my new decos today but I totally forgot my camera! DARN IT! I guess we’ll have to wait till tmr =(

In the mean time I thought I give you an fashion post =) Because I love Fashion Design & I think it’s hard for anyone to NOT like Fashion Design right? ^^

I originally did not plan to post so many pieces of work, but each piece is so fab, it’s hard to cut down! 
















Fabulous? I definitely think so ^^ 

I love all the amazing details & I especially love white~
 so I am definitely drooling over all the white gowns! & Those shoes!!!!
The dark pieces are also fab too of course~ Tell me your favorite! ( If you can!) 

TGIF, have a fun weekend lovelies!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo



  1. It looks great ;)! Nice post! xx

  2. oh, i am just a big fan of Alexander, I love him! and its sad whenever I am reminded that he is gone, but his works are just phenomenal!