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THOR Movie Review

Hi Lovelies! how are you doing? It’s been a while since I did a Movie Review, so I am a little excited about that. I have not have time to work on my video yet... like I said it’s my first time doing a video so I was kinda stuck on how to make the music work? ( my music because suddenly very loud when the video is not a continues piece... do you know what I mean? if you know how to fix that please let me know!! thanks!!)

As for THOR, I watched the 3D version. Personally I was not particular interested in 3D because of my first 3D movie experience with Avatar. Reason being I was kind of late ( even though reality is 30 min before show time...) when I enter the theater, the room was almost completely full... the only seat I could get was WAAAAAAAYYYYY up to the front.. grr.. so yeah, not much 3D experience there.. 

For THOR, don’t expect a good plot. It was very predictable and not complicated at all. The whole effect was pretty good. I love a lot of the costume design also ( mostly for the THOR character and the Gate Keeper character. I think the costume design for others could have been better) Basically it was about different realms between Gods, Earth and another specie. The main character THOR got expelled onto Earth because of his betrayal to the King. The power of THOR was sealed until the one who’s worthy to have it will restore the power again. 

The 3D experience feels more at presence in the beginning. but I think toward the middle of the movie, the 3D effect is not really there anymore... until the ending credits. 

Which makes me wonder just now.. when can we have 3D websites?! hahah

Overall I rate this movie : 3.5 stars. Mostly just for the effects and such. The actions are pretty good, it is an interesting movie from beginning to the end. The only thing that could be better was the mystery, since I kinda knew who was the rat from the very beginning! 

Do you usually like movies that are made from comic books? 
Would you watch THOR?
Effects Vs Plot, which is more important to you in a movie? 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. i wanted to watch, but end up not cuz i was kinda tired of all the super heroes~~~but thx for the review~~~its very helpful~~~~

  2. i'm more excited about the captain american movie!

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  3. Oooh. Thanks for the review!
    I was going to watch this ..but haven't yet. Maybe sometime soon~

  4. i had no idea the movie came out in 3d!? but omg i loved this movie!!

  5. I would like to see this, not so sure about the 3D, but it looks okay for a mindless action film! :D



  6. i'm going to pass up on thor although i am generally interested in movies that are made out of comic books. :)

  7. @Sugar Sugar: Yeah~ I think because the success of Spiderman, Everyone’s into super hero movies now.. but I guess it’s getting a little over done ^^ ~

    @Danielle: Yeah it kinda is ! I wouldn’t have watch the 3D, it was my fd who wanted to watch 3D ~ haha. I think i’m not too use to the whole “3D” thing yet

    @Donna Baby: =) Yepz, the actions r pretty great <3

    @Melody: Np dear <3

    @Ken: MMm i don’t know if I know that movie~~ ok I guess I dunno. let me find out ^^

    @Jessy: haha. I actually didn’t know it’s a super hero movie.. I went because of Natalie Portman =P

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  8. Loved the movie since I like Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman :) thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment. Just followed you back :)

    ♥hugs and be safe♥

  9. I generally try to avoid watching superhero movies and movies adapted from comics (or even books), but it's inevitable these days are so many are. Wasn't particularly interested in Thor when it came out, but I think the boyf wants to watch it. Thanks for the review :)

  10. Thank you for following! I followed back, I really like your blog! It's really different from ones I've read and it's really interesting! Can't wait to read your upcoming posts :D I haven't watched thor hehe I don't like action movies but I did hear it was good! And about that 3d blogs concept hahaha that's trippy!