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Selling a Kidney for IPad2

Yes Lovelies You read that right. “ Selling a Kidney for Ipad 2” It is just as crazy as it sounds!

Apparently, a kid in China ( 17 yrs) was so desperate for an Ipad 2, he fall for a black market transaction to sell him kidney for about $3100-$3400 in US dollar. Well for one, it is of course illegal, two, that amount of $ is definitely not worth it for a kidney.. three.. he’s now having post surgery health issues because of the improper surgery!!! 

Gosh, poor thing, with all the stupid things kids do..... The mom called the police but currently they are not able to locate the Black Market people. 

As much as I love Apple stuff, this is beyond crazy. 
What advice would you give to kids to prevent such horrible mistakes? 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

Read the story here 


  1. That is indeed insane, life is too precious to put it in danger. If I had a chance to speak to the kid before he had the surgery, I would say - you're giving up one of your kidneys which your body needs to function, what if you get the ipad, get what you want but don't have the chance or life to be able to enjoy it, would it be worth it then?

    Then again, some kids would never listen and there's really nothing that can be done.

  2. Anonymous6/03/2011

    Ahhhh such a silly guy, there are easier ways to get that amount of cash :(!! Hope he is OK, silly as he may be.

  3. I saw this and seriously wtf.
    Why would anyone do something like this just for an ipad >:T Some kids are just silly :c

  4. This is terrible. >.<" OMG! I was shocked when I read the title... :/

    Kids need to be taught that there are other things more worthwhile than ipads and that if they really want one, they could earn it by doing good deeds or getting high grades in school.

  5. Apple is just going to come out with another iPad in like 5 or 6 months. :\ Selling your kidney for something that wont even last ... CAUSE SOMETHING NEW ALWAYS COMES OUT. This kid really wanted to be popular or something.

  6. I read about this too!~ I think it was really absurd!! and now his health is declining because the surgeons who performed the surgery were shady~ x__x

  7. I heard about this as well. Cray cray!!

  8. O__O crazy! i hope the kid learns his lesson =.=

  9. thats horrible o___O

  10. @ALL : YES IT IS CRAZY ! >_<!!! I do hope the kid learned his lesson~ !!!!

  11. This is bone chilling and disgusting. I can't believe how silly and stupid that boy was. How could he even consider something like this? FOR AN IPAD.. whaaat.. it's shocking

    btw, your blog is beauty!!1

    hope to hear from you*!

  12. Read this news and I was shocked. This is beyond crazy!

  13. This is totally crazy and shocking !
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  14. Anonymous6/06/2011

    Such a tragic story..