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Paul Movie Review

Hi Lovelies! As promised! A Movie Review!

I think I saw this movie’s preview once and I thought it was funny but then I totally forgot about it until my friend suggest we watch it. I saw the preview again and it was funny. 

Although sometimes I am skeptical about funny previews. I feel like a lot of them captures all of the funny part of the movie so when you actually watch it... it’s not funny anymore ‘cause you already seem all the good parts!... for this movie. I have to say a lot of the funny parts are in the preview. but not all =) 

Regardless, I watch it anyway. The plot is about 2 geeks who discover an alien who I guess has been on Earth for a while and acts like a totally “cool” guy... He’s trying to find his way back to the mothership, but needs help because he can’t drive for sh*t... 

The movie is rated R but I guess it’s just for the language. Which I don’t find it too funny most of the time, since it just feels like they are purposely putting all those language in there... & doesn’t sound like any type of emotional outburst.. but just want to say profanity because it seems “ cool”?? = =

Overall I rate this movie: 3.0 stars. I think it’s a relax/no brainer movie to watch. Not recommend if you’re not a fan to non-sense profanity. The movie is stupid but funny... ( It’s probably impossible to be funny without being stupid?!) It’s another Alien movie that I don’t want to watch until I found out it’s funny. haha. 

Would you want to Watch Paul?

Did you watch it? Do you like it?

New Video coming soon! 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. I did watch it... and it did have its moments then there were parts that were just dumb haha its one of those movies that are kinda on the fence... if you know what i mean

  2. That's so funny!!!Thanks for sharing honey!

  3. I have heard about this movie, but haven't seen it! ;) It sounds nice, but maybe I will watch it on dvd ^^ xx

  4. i'm a fan of stupid movies LOL! :p haven't heard of this movie though. hmmm... funny the name paul seems to keep popping out everywhere these days. :p coincidentally i dated two pauls, and have been linked to guys whose name are paul again and again. :p oh yeah, i'm crushing on a paul again right now LOL! so yeah, i will see this movie. x)

  5. thanks for sharing this....I'll look for a copy of this movie :) might watch it this weekend :)