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Going out ~~~ & ViVi Mag Scan

Hi Lovelies! How are you doing? I’m kinda on a writer’s block right now.. @_@ dunno what to write about~ I went to eat with my fd the other day. She took tons of pictures.. I did not.. haha. but the pictures she took really make the place look big and nice.. when in reality it’s very small!! even though it was a nice place with a nice theme.. but.. I was still surprised at how many ppl go there !!

Maybe I’ll update the Pictures later.. I think I forgot my camera so I can’t upload it even if I want to.. =P 

& after dinner we went to take Puri pictures.. <3 yay.. haven’t done that for ages., but I have to say it’s not as fun as I remembered.. maybe I grew up?!

Had to Blur it out since I didn’t ask my fd if I could post this or not. 

I will most likely post a movie review next.... =P so stay tuned for that! 

Here’s a VIVI Mag Scan~~~~~

What’s your favorite Mag? 

Do you take Puri Pix? 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


  1. I understand how you feel, totally blockage of not knowing what to write. I usually just pass it up and not write anything lol I'm sure people will understand what you're going through. I love your new banner! =]

  2. @Elle: Thanks! ^__^

    @Bunnyluverz: NP!

  3. Thank you for the scans!(:
    I get writer's block alot too >< ahhh so frustrating ):

  4. i wish i could take puri pics but there is none here

    and yes i bought a lot of lenses but i only got 2 of them and the rest were my friends lol

  5. "Blogger's Block" is what I usually call as my version of Writer's Block as a blogger. Anyhow, this is another very nice blog post from you. Nothing cooler than these purikura pictures. Speaking of pictures (and cool), your new header to this blog looks lovely!


  6. I want to take puri someday, but I haven't seen one of those automats or anything where I live :( It does look like an awful lot of fun to take puri with your friends!

    Thank you for wishing me good luck on finding a room! Actually, I found one today, yay! So happy right now :)
    When I was in my first and second year at uni I stayed in a dorm, but I didn't really enjoy it there. The people in my hallway weren't really friendly, and I felt claustrophobic in my room, so after my second year, I started looking for a room in the city, and found one that was waaaay cheaper than the dormroom, and bigger.

  7. hope you recover from your writer's block soon and i hope you find inspiration to write again! :)

    thanks for sharing the mag scan. ;)