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Do you know what “ $ cannot bring happiness really means?” & a VIVI Mag Scan

Hi Lovelies~ How are you doing? Sorry for the lack for posts lately. I been meaning to update new Deco but did not have the time or the mood to do it. The reason is because I been doing some translation for a patient & it is sad to see/hear the things the doctor may have to say. 

I think I finally know what “$ cannot bring happiness” really means. I think it means health. In every way! We can take our body for grants so easily. Thinking that it’s only ‘normal” that we can walk and talk and jump. Actually, it is a blessing that we can do any of the things that we can do, not everyone has those abilities. 

Although, for any of us who have any disabilities, I am sure God has bless you in some other ways. Please don’t dwell on it and forget to recognize your blessings. Life is challenging and we will definitely be happier and more productive if we focus on our talent and blessings of our lives! 

A lady at the hospital shared a true story with us: 

Two sisters were riding on a motorcycle, they got into an accident where the older sister had only minor injury but the younger sister was severely injured. The truck they bump into basically went across the younger sister and her lower body was completely destroyed. The people standing by did not want to touch her thinking there’s no hope. Until one young man decided to help carry her to the hospital after the older sister bagged someone to help. 

The younger sister survived at the end, even though she lost half of her body. She did not give up life, instead she magnified her talent and made great art with dry flowers. 

I thought that was a very good story. I think it not only encourage the patient, it also encourages me. For me, I’m well, and I am bless with all my normal body functions and many other blessings. If I ever think to myself “ I can’t do this” I must be lying! Because I can & we can, to do almost ( if not all) anything we want to do, if we truly put our mind and talent to it. 

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In case you were not interested in my above message ( which I hope that’s not the case because I think with our busy lives, everyone needs a reminder once in a while to remember how to appreciate our blessings!) 

Here is a Mag Scan for you to enjoy! Of course If you did read my above message~ you can still enjoy the magazine! I guess the only thing with magazine is that it often makes us jealous or envy other people for material things. & while material things can bring us temporary happiness, it is definitely not something we can cling on to. 

Please name one thing you appreciate or one blessing you are grateful for!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo 


  1. thanks for the magazine scan link!! :) ur the best

  2. @Meow: NP ^^ thx for ur comment ^ ^

  3. I know what you mean about taking health for granted! As much as I hate to admit it I do it too, I guess it's because we don't think about the "what if's" everyday, though Im sure it's not healthy too but it doesn't hurt to stop once in a while and not take certain risks, like driving too fast, not waiting for the light to change while crossing the street etc. Small things like that, my mum always said (and still says! haha) you're life can change in a flash which I think is totally true!!! I think hearing stories like that really inspire me to become a better person and appreciate what I have much more too!

    Thanks for the mag scan btw! Did you know that Rinka is pregnant too?!

  4. @Suki Pooki : Yeah I think you made a good point! It’s probably not healthy either to dwell on “ what if” everyday~ Life is such a delicate balance in every way ! It’s good to review on what we should appreciate once in a while ^^ NP for the mag scan ~ I don’t really follow the models~ ^^” ha

  5. Thanks for the scans ^^ <3 Nice blog you have ^^ http://www.katinosky.blogspot.com/